Do we need raiding for m+?

Kind of weird question. I have limited playing time and I am trying to maximize the time I play compared to the waiting time.

I find that doing m+ is way easier than doing raids in general (harder to organize larger groups, easier to get into waiting mode for someone). Can you just do m+ without raiding? If yes what do we miss from the raid content?

Yes, you can do M+ without raiding; a LOT of people do.

(though it’s not clrar to me that you can effectively do raiding without M+. Yes, in theory you can, but on the way up the gear progression, people who fill in their slots from M+ are going to have an advantage over those who don’t.)

What do you miss? Not much, these days. The Catalyst will even allow you to turn your M+ pieces into Tier Set pieces.

If you want the really tippy-top BiS gear, you will have to do Mythic raiding, but M+20 gives 406 with a Vault level of 421 where Mythic raids give 415-424. You decide if you need that upgrade. (Probably not!)

but mythic raid is even more hardcore than heroic. I Can only do heroic and I think it does not pay off . I can not play regularly and to me raiding means too much wasting time in things that do not relate to the game.

I will agree with you, I do not think you can do raiding without m+

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Hi and welcome back to the game!

As we in the know know, well - times change. Time is no longer as free and gameplay must be a bit more streamlined towards our set goals. So with time as a concideration:

  • Mythic+ will in general be quicker and have less downtime if: You are a meta class, got good score and/or got a premade team to run with.
  • Raids will have even less downtime if: You join a raidteam and only log in for the raids. In and out. No if’s or buts.

What you need is to find out what works best for you. So concider M+ Vs Raiding as such:

  • Loot: M+ and Mythic raid gives the equal ilvl through the weekly vault. Both activities grant you access to unique and critical loot.
  • Experiences: Raid encounters are usually a ton of fun, and a group activity. M+ do not have the same focus on boss encounters and group dynamics, but you do get the more focused team squad experience.
  • Endgame: Mythic+ got no real endgame, a finishline, other than whatever you set as a goal. Be it being in the top 0.1% (a forever moveing goalpost till the last day) for title, or just getting your Keystone master achivement. Raids on the other hand can be called finished when the final boss of the tier (be it Normal/HC/Mythic) is defeated and all members of the team has gotten their own kills, calling it done for the season.

Mythic+ is totally doable without doing the Raid, Raid is doable without doing m+. Of course, just to have it said - to be optimal you would be doing both to a minimum extent. As downtime is your biggest qualm, I recommend joining a guild that does a little bit of both. There is no need to chose one over the other. But if you must, and are not able to decide for yourself, my dice said you should do M+.

Best of adventures out there Alex!

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very nice reply and I do appreciate it.
The think with raiding is that I joined the “social runs” of my guild. We had delays always finding someone to fill in the roster and then we had issues with people not knowing always the tactics
Of course there is a also a core team but, they play much later of what I can afford, they do very extensive hours during late evenings that I can not attend.

On the contrary m+ gives you runs that can be up to 45minutes. So is easy to do 2-3 runs per week and time some keys. With raiding I do not see that is possible.
For the new season I will be doing
-Few arena games (Easy to find a common time with 1-2 more players)
-Spontanenous m+runs within the guild
-Normal and bit on heroic raiding just for the fun (Gear wise I think it will not be really useful). My current m+ gear is higher than heroic gear

You miss out on some OP trinkets and occasional flavour items. M+ is generally better than heroic raiding in terms of resultant player power. If you were never going to do Mythic raiding anyway, sticking to M+ is a good call.

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thanks for the advice. I have realized that in bfa, shadowlands and now in DF I was never able to do really mythic raiding and commit to the needs of a team.
I think in 10.1 it makes sense to skip all together and perhaps on the last weeks just do 1 simple heroic just for seeing the content

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