Do you enjoy 2h frost?

I actually kinda like it… obliterate finally feels good to press again


Played 2H Frost again since it was reintroduced back in SL. The flow of the spec has become much better, the only downside is when you’re a victim of bad RNG.


I’ve given frost a go again lately. 2h oblit and dw breath, fought some elites around the forbidden reach.

Now this might very well be my fault but got my a*s kicked as 2h obi whereas dw breath did quite well. (mind you as uh I can pull endlessly and never die)

Feels to me that 2h oblit needs a lot more crit than my humble 21%.

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2h frost is how the spec should be if they ever rework the spec like Ret just get rid of DW


I very much hope they rework the spec at some point and get rid of DW… It thematically feels so strange having to DW as a dk.


2 handed obliteration build feels nice when you hit those big crits. But it’s to clunky we have to many gcds and in arena it is hard to get high rating (had 1800 rating in shadowlands). I think that they should take remorseless winter, abomination limb and death and decay off the gcd. I think this will open up a lot of cleave potential and smooth gameplay.

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With the recent changes 2 h oblit is nice, but i still prefer dual wield, more st damage, at the expense of a little bit of 3 target cleave, worth it id say, it’s not like dw frost does bad at 3 target cleave, and aoe is still great.

I do enjoy cleave burst 2h in pvp, just that my defensive is joke, got x2 dks above 2400 solo shuffle, it’s fun but our defensive not.

Rank 32 and 38 eu as frost on both.

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Just switched to 2H frost today from unholy. Loving the big 2H obliterate crits. This might be swearing but feels like the undead version of Ret Paladin. Definitely a lot smoother abilities, felt clunky the last time I played frost

Yes, always liked 2H frost and now it feels strong, finally.

I don’t like the DnD cleave tho. Tanks move out from it and it’s duration is too short. I would prefer if they got rid of DnD and make the cleave come from RW.

Also would like them to extened the duration of PoF to at least 15 seconds.

Other than that it feels good, when you get good RNG with runes and KM proccs. O man it’s nice

Just for QoL Alone, this would be amazing.

Its a irritation, when 2 of 3 speccs are 2handed and completely Stumps the classes ability to swap Speccs on the fly for 0 reason. it doesnt achieve anything holding it to a DW Design at all.

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ppl are happy about it because it gives us hard hitting obliterates which is good but the thing is, we don’t need a two handed playstyle to have hard hitting obliterates, wotlk frost dk, the first golden age of frost dk :P, we could’ve have literally hard hitting obliterates in last season with armor penetration stacking, why go that far ? Legion frost dk, we were dual wielding one handers and we had cool artifact traits which made obliterate gigachad, it’s like we don’t need two handed weapons for obliterate to be good, we need proper scaling, in terms of fashion, glyphs can be the solve to that, it’s like one handed weapons for fury warriors problem, some ppl like to mog one handed weapons but it’s not going to be the best option and there is no mog option/freedom for it :(.

dnd cleave single handly ruined every fun for me in this spec. the setup is very clunky as it doesnt match your pillar rotation as you lose 1 gcd in obl window or in cleave time. it is just awful

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