Do you guys just want all Alliance to leave?

Does the horde on this server just want to push all the alliance out of it? I get it’s a PVP server, but this is ridiculous. It’s 4 to 1 all the time and 20 to 1 or 50 to 1 outside of instances or worst and the taunting and harassment is just too far. This is basically a PVE server for horde anyway with so little alliance on it.


TBC release did completly crushed the ratio (already compromised on classic)

Agree with topic starter. It aint fun to try to lvl with the horde ganking you for no reason (and always starting an unfair fight)

You make a very valid point, it feels like a PvE server and there is no threat left in the wilds of running into an Alliance. I don’t even buff myself anymore whilst farming.

Could a solution be found in earlier access to faction change and limit it or something? For example you can’t swap to a large majority, 60%+ perhaps. Blood elves are the only race that can swap to Draenei and visa versa (Edit: all races can swap but since you cant boost blood elfs and draenei’s I made this extra mention).

If you want to include multiple servers, open limited migration. So Horde majority can move to a horde minority server but not the other way around. So Horde minority cannot move to Horde majority. The problem with this method is the overwhelming Horde majority.

All in all I belief that there are players out there like myself who would consider swapping over to Alliance if the opportunity was there. The more I think about it, the more appealing it would be, also to PvP players who want shorter queue’s.

Just my thoughts on a direction on the fix, I know it aint this simple. But to get back on topic, I understand your feeling, but belief the solution should be found in migration/faction swap instead of horde etiquette.

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