Do you like 2h frost?

Hi guys,

Now 2h frost is finally a “thing” again, do you guys enjoy it?

Is it decent in pve/pvp?

Lmk your thoughts

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Frost is worste specc ingame for pvp and clunky in pve.


I have really only played DK this expansion so far and thats as a blood main but will say since the last patch for frost I do find its alot better than it was and with changes in 10.0.7 also I have hope.

I have run a few m+ and the DPS is now on level with others so its a nice easy offspec.

I play 2H Frost exclusively and I’ve got timed 20+ on all but AV on my main, before 10.0.5 it was very hopeless and I was in the process of rerolling Arms but with the changes, we can pump out good AoE trash clears. In 10.0.7, 2H single target and AoE will output at least 10% more DPS if my math is correct that will put the build in a decent spot. Not overpowered but not underpowered either.

It’s definitely on the clunky side of things and needs a bit more QOL to smooth out the gameplay, specifically with DnD cleaving and RP overcapping. But I’ve had very few times where I have had bad DnD placements other than the Lasher pulls in AA.

Once the clunky gameplay is solved, hopefully Blizzard then reviews some of our undertuned filler talents in the final talent tier like CBR and Invigorating Freeze.

At the end of the day, there’s very few things in the game that is as satisfying as blasting triple targets with KM Obliterates. Or just Obliterating with KM in general.

I couldn’t agree more! Cheers bud

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Timed a +24 the other day with 2H oblit. Feels solid on lower target count dungeons. Just look at this juicy cleave:


To answer your question, I personally rerolled from FDK to SPriest this expansion.
FDK was my main since MoP and I just had enough. The playstyle was based on the only 2 semi-vlable builds, both terrible to play (Obliteration was just brain dead 2-buttons style, while BoS was too unforgiving).

Right now those changes that FDK’s gonna get are definitely a step in the right direction, but there’s still a room for improvements, like rework Frost Scythe, which was introduced as a rune AoE spender, but right now, with Cleaving Strikes I personally feel like this ability just don’t have that purpose anymore, and it’s just sits here, waiting for the devs to figure something out.
There are a lot of points like that still regarding FDK talents and abilities, but it looks like Obliteration will have a lot more points to focus on, making it engaging playstyle, finally.
I definitely recommed you to try it once the patch will hit live servers.
That’s what I will do for sure. I miss my FDK, even if it hurts :’)

Yes I love it in m+, it’s something new and interesting because for four years I played using Breath of Syndragosa, which is not fun anymore.

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