Do you recommend fury?

Hi guys,

Im gonna lvl my orc fury warrior for the heritage armor aswell.

Do you think its a fun main? Also how does it perform in pvp/pve?


Uhm, if things don’t change on the PTR - well, Fury might become… ehm… clunky? Boring? Uninspired?

Certainly not very fun; but that is totally personal preference. What would I know? I only played Fury for close to two decades. This could be the darkest timeline incoming.

Hard to put the finger directly on what is wrong with it, but one thing is for sure - At the moment I wouldn’t recommend investing into Fury Warrior, or arms - maybe go prot.

As it do seem the devs have planned to balance around a very strong Legendary effect - without it, tuning will be - let us say, mildly suboptimal; or weak.

In PvP, they just did swap around how RA works, so we will be a bit weaker - but hey - all fun and games, eh? Combine with not the best DPS numbers, and yeah - I am sure something will be done about it.

So, yeah. Yeah, not a good time to be a warrior at the moment.

But hey! Come back in a couple of weeks, maybe there are some more positive notes going on. Some PTR changes might put some air into the hype-train sails!

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I like the core gameplay of arms/fury, tend to prefer fury.

I am not a super big fan of the tier set.

It’s not that i have issues with odyn’s fury itself, but i don’t like the focus on bloodthirst.

They should just significantly increase the cdr on the empowered bloodthirsts after you use fury, but remove the crit part.

So you still wanna cast at least 3 bt per odyn cast, but it’s no longer this game of hoping for a crit, and instead you mostly use raging blow as a filler.

if it makes u fun to play and u enjoy it play it doesnt matter if its viable or not lol
why would u play smth and it doesnt make u happy and dont enjoy it :slight_smile:

For levelling i would 100% recommend fury over arms. Arms damage mostly comes from dots and those you wont be able to get full value of when quest and dungeon mobs die in 3 seconds. Also fury has way better cleave.

First of all, Arms >>>>> Fury.

Second, you have to change between arms and protection sometimes.

Third, protection is more versatile than the other two.

alright guys I leveled my fury warrior and he is almost 70… I must say I really enjoy it quite a lot! the onslaught build feels great with big enrage uptime :D! can’t wait to gear it up cheers!

Battleshout coming in here with bloodthirst on his mind, slamming into the next tier with Fury!

In my post i was talkinga bout levelling, not endgame content which i assume you are referring to when saying arms>fury.

Didnt even mention prot, but yeah it is good to level with aswell, fast dungeon cues.

Both Fury and Arms have a very pleasant rotation to play and enjoy on contrary with some other melee classes that feel either button thirsty like DH or button bloat like Enhancement or even awkward AOE rotation like Outlaw. Fury is a fast paced spec. Arms feels slow with better numbers though and rewarding. I play both in pve depending on how i feel to play…

Like yourself, I haven’t played warrior for a long time but I do gravitate towards the more simple and straight forward specs in the game. I was told that Fury is almost as simple as they come with the annihilator build which in turn is actually quite tanky due to the healing it does just through it’s normal rotation.

I gave it a go and honestly wish I had picked up this class sooner.

I’m not really one for pushing the top 1-5% so min-maxing isn’t in my wheelhouse but, I just completed the timewalking mage tower on it (no special gear or talents) and hit a new highest rating in PvP. I would recommend Fury, might not be “the best” but, is definitely decent.

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Benefit comes when you want to kill groups of mobs in and easy way. Sometimes you have to switch.

Arms is not superior to fury, at all.

I like both, but to stare something like that is just wrong.

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