Do you think there will be some story explanation, for the sudden appearance of the Incubi?

It’s been announced they were working on it in 2011 that the demon customisation would include both sexes, for all variants, but didn’t really come to fruition until the 9.2 PTR.(with only incubus so far) Do you think there could be some sort of short sidestory, for the acquisition of this new type of demon, which only surfaced after the Legion’s defeat and only has been rumored to exist, until now?

Or am i reading too deeply into it and they will pretend the Incubi were always there?

It’s the same race as a succubus, just different gender

However I believe that charm magic = hypnotic magic so it doesn’t say anything about the enemy’s sexuality

No, I don’t think so. This feels like one of those changes are done retroactively.

I think in the original lore the males of the Sayaad race (Incubi) were almost completely exterminated by the female Succubi (possibly their bodies and souls were devoured alive so that in this way they couldn’t return in the Twisting Nether like all demons do anyway? :stuck_out_tongue: ) and this was likely the “trial” of initiation that the Succubi had to do in order to be recruited and join the Burning Legion.

The very few Incubi who survived either became slaves of the females on their home planet or went into hiding, but anyway they were so few that they were not answering to the summoning spells of the Warlocks (both the mortal Warlocks on Azeroth, and the demonic ones in the Legion as well).

However after the defeat of the Legion it’s possible something changed as you said, the females probably are not asked to actively kill/eat their males or to keep them as slaves by their leaders anymore, since the leadership of the Legion is gone and probably they are just fragmented in a few lesser factions desperately fighting among themselves to take command, so the Succubi probably recently freed some of the Incubi and they are now avalaible to be summoned by warlocks just like the female versions. :thinking:

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they was up until now under the tumb of their succubus masters but recently managed to break free :wink:

I don’t think there’s any specific lore on why the Incubi would suddenly appear now.

Didn’t they also state they would (retroactively) add them to areas where Succubi spawned too? That means incubi would (retroactively) been present on Outlands and later areas too!

Just because you didn’t saw an incubi in outland doesn’t they didn’t existed

It’s an designed level where you only saw the a female Sayaad ( succubus )

We do have lore, which says they were basically wiped out/subjugated. So them suddenly appearing everywhere can be jarring to people, who actually bother to follow the lore. Giving it some lipservice, in a short questline or somesuch would be a nice touch. For example that with fall of the Legion they managed to rebel or something.

We all know that the motivations for why they’re doing it are a distinctly out of game thing, but tying it into the existing story would be better than. “Sudden discovery of a new half of demon species, which was always in plain sight!”


Just like quite a lot of the races of Azeroth who are playable despite being almost completely exterminated, so population numbers never was really a problem for Blizzard gameplay wise, nor they feel the need to explain it deeply in the lore as well. Just like the Void Elves, if the Incubi were just a hundred or two, they are enough to show up in game without a proper explanation (other than the simple and usual “after the Incubi were freed, they started to be summoned and appear around more”)

Either a questline, or the explanation could just happen directly when two Warlocks meet and one has a Succubus out while the other has an Incubus, there could be a mini-event where the two demons talk or have an interaction with each others explaining what happened to the males specifically. That could be a nice touch too :stuck_out_tongue:

There could be another explanation, but I know probably not a lot of people would like this one :thinking:

basically, it would be that the Succubi just have the natural ability to change their own sex at will, so maybe some of them just became Incubi, and it could work retroactively too…but this is more of an ancient belief about succubi/incubi demons in real life, so maybe the ones in game just can’t do this instead

That shapeshifting tempter nishe has kind of been stolen by Dreadlords haha

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Not only Dreadlords but long ago I thought Satyrs were also supposed to be the future Incubi playable model for some reason, but I guess Blizzard had to make up a more handsome version for parity with the Succubi after all

Satyr and Sayaad aren’t even the same species.

If anything we need many more female demons for parity (mo’arg, gan’arg, wrathguard, satyr, felguard, doomwalkers etc).

And male Shivarra.

I will never understand why only female Succubus are apparently a problem, but all the scantily dressed male demons are not.

TLDR contemporary american politics.

Practically it was announced that we’d be getting all variants of demons, in both sexes. Altho that seems to have been drop and I’m not sure i’d even want to know how they intended to distinguish it in cases of like Voidwalkers, Voidlords, Felhounds and Observers

Where? How? When?

Way back in April 2011, on the US forums Community Manager Zarhym said

I’m happy to share we actually do have plans for offering players a choice between male and female versions of all warlock demons. This is a task already in our system, though I don’t have a time frame for you at the moment. Other art tasks could always take precedence, but we’re committed to making this happen. :slight_smile:

It’s been a long time ago (like halfway through Cata).

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Pretty sure Incubus were mentioned before as existing on their home world.

Only rumours existed about them, though that was one of the rumours.

But they’re retroactively added to the World of Warcraft (including vanilla and TBC) zones, so those rumours make no sense anymore since they’ve apparently always been alongside other demons since 5 or 6 years after the Third War!

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