Does FF14 raids seem more complex than WoW raids?

The majority of WoW players don’t PTR test, especially amongst the EU playerbase since raid testing is always done on US times. Even then, PTR testing is usually so full of bugs you don’t really get anything from it that you couldn’t get from dungeon journal.

Your main has only done 1 +15 key compared to Schmuses KSM (Unless you want to count your druid too and not only Mage, but you’d still lose on the PvP front), both 10/10HC and you’re lower PvP rating… Do you really wanna compare difficulty you play in, cause you’re not winning that one.

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When you play both and cant fathom why its got to get mentioned in these forums over and over again. (actually more leaning toward ffxiv these days due to the drought…but still)

Seriously though i cant help but think people who are obsessed with bringing this up every other day are the ones who are pissed about the current lack of innovation on retail, Not because they enjoy the game itself.


The fluency is nice with wow combat. However, FF14 gets really good at higher levels.

As for wow, there are 2 fundamental issues with the raiding scene.

1- The fights got too complicated to the point that it’s impossible to clear without DBM.

2- It’s not balanced. Whether we’re talking about the class balance or fight itself. You get fights like sludgefist which basically is a piece of cake for range but torture for melee. The class balance is out the window 99% of the time, with some being overwhelmingly better than others and some specs being in bottom 5 for multiple expansions in a row.

FF14 however doesn’t have that issue. No class feels useless in any fight. You don’t need DBM to tell you what to do. You learn the fight. You memorize the moves and you implement your strategies based on that.

And honestly, based on what you’re describing as your interest in PVE, I think you’re going to like ff14 raiding.

Because were tired of the ff14 topics. Take it to Reddit.


How ironic. How about doing the same yourself?

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ToS is in game and CoC is the forum you going to threaten a player at least have the decency to get the facts right .

Your topic can not compare as different playstyles and mechanics and systems so it is folly to do so .
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Doesn’t ff14 have better mob/boss ability markings on the ground? I’m just going off of me playing for a very short time after ARR was released so could be wrong.

It does yes


Both FFXIV and WOW have challenging content. I know people seem to love comparing the two at the moment, but both can offer some highly challenging content. The fighting styles are different in both, but you can die in both FFXIV and WOW if you do not know what you are doing in raids and dungeons.


ff got very ugly and disturbed creatures tho,i could never play that game


People like comparing the 2 at certain points every year…think we had a phase like this in bfa too


Probably not. The average wow player doesnt do mythic raiding either. Some even makes whine topics about heroic raids being too hard and needs nerfing, imagine that. Go try FF14 and see how u like it!


It was not this bad, I play both WOW and FFXIV, but now as many top streamers from WOW are also playing FFXIV its creeping up everywhere.

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Probably because people were more focussed on Classic vs retail topics then…but when Shadowbringers came out it was pretty bad too…people here just seem to constantly want to compare games and prove that theirs is better yet they stick around and play retail

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I would say the average WOW player can handle it, I certaintly do more dungeons and raids in FFXIV than I do in WOW. In WOW, I usually do the bare minimum in terms of dungeons and raids and on my horde alt mostly.

In FFXIV as you can easily swap specs and classes, I think this makes their raids and dungeons somewhat easier because if your class feels sluggish you can swap easily. Not to mention in FFXIV you can do dungeons and raids with bot npc’s helping you, instead of actual players and the bot npcs are pretty good, you can actually chill somewhat in the content and let them do most of the work.

Not to mention you dont have the tons of trash in FFXIV dungeons as WOW has in theirs or the stupid affixes.


Like this one …

Heroic Vexiona still too hard - Community / General Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums (

My personal favourite thread

Heroic raid is a bit challenging in pugs - Community / General Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums (

Not really, people were pretty mad at BFA, but they did not run to FFXIV. Even when classic returned, they were mad at classic as well as they felt classic was “too easy” and the bot problem was horrendous.

With the content drought of SL and just the state of the game right now, I think it is what broke most player’s backs and they either have unsubbed and are playing other games or they are in FFXIV, but you also did not have so many top WOW streamers who were actively streaming FFXIV as they are now.

It will be interesting to see how 9.1 turns out to be and if we see players resubbing and/or returning. With the mythic + changes, the fact that people have to recraft legendaries, and/or change covenants, many are upset that they basically have to literally start all over again. While things do change with each patch, its never been as bad as this, where you pretty much do have to start all over again. Imagine having to regrind a new covenant’s campaign all so you can play your spec with the best covenant, soulbinds, and conduits.

This is only my limited experience as a player from 2.0 to 2.1, so basically I cleared all the early content and all the bosses were much more predictable, no BS boss like SLG with mechanics overlapping randomly because of poor timing and they felt more like dance choreographies you have to remember by heart and execute properly.

Since then I only watched a few streamers/videos of bosses and it seems that the design of boss encounters is still like that but I could be wrong.

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You missed all the Classic vs Retail topics? :thinking: