Does Kyrian legendary actually... work... for MW?

So here I was, excited to try out free Yu’lons in M+… but she doesn’t seem to do anything?

Weapons of Order, Yu’lon appears; but I throw EnvMists out, and my raid frames show no additional HoT on the primary target or any nearby player. Tried with Chi-Ji, same experience, but also cannot tell whether there’s any healing from fistweaving while he’s active.

Just me? It can’t be intended to do literally nothing :pouting_cat:

works fine for me. I can see enveloping breath for both and gusts of mists for chi’ji. though I’m using the belt version of unity, not the crafted

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Well good to know at least. I will do further testing.

The question I want to know, is why doesn’t it work with Involkers Legendary? If you take involkers and press Yu’Lon you get the 30% haste.

If you press weapons and yu’on comes out, you don’t get the 30% haste. Is this a bug?

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I’m 99% sure this is intended. getting that buff every 2 minutes (less if you tune soulbinds to reduce the CD on weapons) would be overpowered.

I’m guessing they don’t want the two legs to boost each other because it’s easier to balance like this, and ensure each class gains the same bonus from the second one.

Try crane.
Yulon is bad choice in m+
envelop + crane = gigahealing 5 mans team.

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