Does Layering cause faction imbalance?


Might just be my suspicion but could it be that layering actually causes faction imbalances on specific layers but not on the overall server? The reason I’ve started to believe this is because I used to be able to go around and see about equal amounts of alliance and horde players. Now though, there seems to be that the Alliance is heavily outnumbered by the Horde. I joked in chat about there being more hordes than there were mobs in STV :grin:

Anyways, have we heard anything from Blizzard about this or do you have any personal experience of this? Please let me know.

Hasn’t STV always been a more popular place for Horde to level due to how easily accessible it is via Zeppelin?

When I was leveling back in TBC as a Horde I remember seeing mostly Horde there with the odd Alliance, and I don’t think faction balance was an issue on my server.

I feel the same playing in Arathi highlands. All elemental spots are camped by horde. The road is unsafe, because I meet horde every minute. Barely any ally player here and there, and they play like they have accepted their misery. Something aint right with the faction balance here.