Does Party Sync work on trial accounts?

I have invited a friend to play and test with RaF, and receive an error saying something about a “class trial”.

Does party sync technically work with trial accounts in your party?

Class trials are when you test a class:-

Having a trial up to level 20/starter account:-

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I have an unsubbed second WoW account, with one character on it.

I have done Party Sync between that trial account character and characters on my main account. It has come in handy a couple of times.

But you say “Class Trial”. Class Trials are different. IF you have a boost pending on your account, you can use that to create a 60 or 70 temporarily. This is useful to try out a class without committing. If, after some hours playing it, you want to make it permanent, you can.

While you have made the character, but before you confirm it to be a permament boost, it is called a “Class Trial”.

Class Trials are limited in various ways, not not being allowed to enter instances.

Does this relate to your experience?


The error says the character I’m trying to party sync with is a class trial. It’s a level 10 rogue on a starter account I invited using recruit-a-friend. Now that you tell my it’s possible to party sync with a starter (trial) account, then I guess the issue is that he didn’t progress into BfA. I’ll try after he leaves Stormwind.


The Level 10 on my Starter Account is in Stormwind and has never been to BfA.

I just logged him, partied with my main mage. Synced.

It worked fine. No errors.

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