Does weekly conquest rewards reset season 2?


Question i dont think i have the time to earn enough conquest points to get some pants i dont need before season two starts Wednesday. But i really want the 375 weapon that is due next week. Do you know if the rewards a reset with the new season that starts next week ? Or should i pull an all nighter and get the Conquest for this week so it will not be the pants come after Wednesday??

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Probably yes.

I understand why Blizzard made it so players are able to get past rewards if they missed them. But why it stays in the same order of them appearing, idk.

It can be a lot better, if:

  • Current week reward is the reward you get for filling up conquest bar the first time in that week.
  • If player has any unclaimed rewards from previous weeks, then, after they got this week reward, they can start filling bars for rewards from other weeks.

This will still give the same result, but it’ll allow players more freedom while still being simple and linear system.

Still, PvP currency and PvP vendors that sell all items and not just Azerite - it a much better system.


Thanks for the quick answer, i will relax and hope for the weapon to appear Wednesday morning :slight_smile:


It’s extremely likely that it will all reset, and you immediately get your 375 weapon on the first week. Blizzard makes some weird choices sometimes, but I doubt they will mess up something as huge as this

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