Don't buy Cyberpunk 2077!

CDPR is currently getting sued by their shareholders for releasing an incomplete game.
Everyone should hold off buying Cyberpunk 2077 until further patches have been made available as it is riddled with bugs.

They are being sued because of the console version of the game being unplayable, But on the PC their are quite a few bugs still nothing game braking that I have come across anyway just more annoying than anything else…

but their was another big patch today that had a lot of bug fixes but as far as it goes on the PC at least for me it’s really stable played over 100 hours so far and not had a single crash with a mix of medium/high settings getting 50-60fps @1440p with a Vega 64.

Their are a few other issues as well the AI is pretty bad compared to Red Dead or GTA the police are useless and you can get away just by driving around the corner and the civilians are just stupid and don’t really react but the quests and story is really good 100s of quests and lots of multiple endings depending on decisions you made while playing the game.

I’m a big fan of open world RPG games and this is the most fun game I have played in a long while only thing I would say is Just don’t buy it if you have the older PS and Xbox consoles

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Well to be really correct here they are being sued for providing shareholders with inaccurate information which they used to make decisions on whether to invest or not to invest. Many investors invested in them because of communication stating that the game was completely ready to be released and now that it is released the share price went down by 30% making all those investors lose money and the reason for this is that the game was not actually complete. Providing shareholders with incorrect information is against the law.

Works 95% fine for me on PC so I don’t see a reason to hold off PC version :wink:

Maybe you’re just so old that your zero awareness doesn’t realize all the flying children or vanishing NPCs? :thinking:

And what’s the problem with cars spawning and despawning? That doesn’t break the game :wink: And I did wrote 95% not 100% for a reason. There are some bugs but the game plays.

It breaks immersion and considering the game is so hyped it makes sense to play it properly with the patches.

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That’s a personal decision. Personally I would say it will be good when it will have a DLC doing something after the ending so that so you aren’t “sad” and “burned out” due to story ending and you are back in a prior save point. Witcher 3 had similar ending system and DLS added that feel of story continuation driving you forward.

I feel so sorry for Project, they delayed the game and the absolute most disgusting of things was said to developers including death threats.

They can’t win

I truly don´t get it. Fans begged and begged for its release and they said they are not ready yet.

Because of the fans they ended up giving up to give you the game you begged them to give. and now they want to sue them?

lol served the fans right for not letting this game sort itself out.


The only reason to give out Cyberpunk now, was to make sure they would sell a large number of copies due to christmas.

And they knew the PS4 and Xbox one versions where bad.
However, in order to capitalize on a large cusomter groups with PS4/Xbox one they released it anyway.

Perhaps it would be better to avoid making it playable for older hardware, but that would mean less copies sold.

So all in all, the reason it was launched in this state… money.

If you think CDPR is any better than Bethesda, EA, Ubisoft and other gaming companies. They aint. Its all greed.

Couldn’t care less about marketing and shareholders.

Game is one of the best games i have ever played since amiga games. Couldn’t care less about console version since im playing on pc.

I could count of one hand fingers games that gave me excitement, anger, joy and all kinds of emotions. CP2077 is one of them. Bugs? Pfft, just as if bugs prevents people playing WoW :clown_face:

100+ hours so far, this game is mad good.

Even wanting to buy Cyberpunk will cepend primarily if you like that genre of game… coupled with how much you bought into the hype around it will be pivotal as to when you buy it.
Personally, I couldn’t care less about the game…

Found Cyberpunk 2077 more fun than wow.