Don't get rid of Tor'ghast

a Few loud complainers you say? Lol

SL. Dropping something ridiculous like over 80% of its playerbase before 9.2 is a few loud complainers to you lmfao, jeez hate to know what a riot is in your eyes.

No. Almost everyone hated Torghast.

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I mean there’s more to that for sure, but I always thought the timing for this expansion couldn’t be worse (not Blizzard’s fault though obvs.)

The rest, the bad and plentiful systems, is totally on them though.

I didn’t play during Argus, but I really liked Drustvar, it had some nice storyline, music and it was just really well done imo. Nazmir… I didn’t spend that much time there, it wasn’t the most interesting zone to me except for Bwonsamdi being located there :black_heart:

You’ll be in a very small club with that opinion.

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I don’t think people complaining on forums that Blizzard developers don’t read convinced them that Torghast was unpopular. It was probably the participation dropping off a cliff once people made it through the mandatory, time-gated grind that they turned Torghast into.

As for Torghast being challenging, I never really found the early version to be so. Enemies just gradually turned into damage sponges unless you got lucky with powers and then it became a cakewalk. Eventually I would run into a wall where auto-attacks would hit me for more than my health bar. As I was playing a monk at the time there was little that I could do to avoid death with skillful play.

Although Torghast is better now, with all wings being open and the knowledge giving bonuses, I am still disappointed in how it has turned out. Discovering that there are caps on many powers really limits the potential for wackiness. As much as I like a challenge it can be fun to occasionally get some god-tier powers that turn you into One Punch Man. Torghast only really gives me that experience in content where I am already a god. :cry:

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srry about that had auto translate still on.

Sorry, but I like Torghast (in small doses). I’m a solo player and found it so much better than the Mage Tower as a priest and visions which I didn’t finish.

They should have made it like Island expeditions loads tmog sets , random mounts , pets and toys etc

It was so limited

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I really liked torghast but its just that the rewards were really meh. You basicly just did it for your legendary.

I’m not sure why it would be removed. Island Expeditions weren’t removed.

Nice video, but you missed this part:

This was regular mobs; not bosses.

Which is entirely useless if it doesn’t also reward gear. A player in ilevel X gear might get to level Y of Torghast and find it challenging, and then find themselves blocked on Level Y+1, or be unable to get enough Gold Stars to reach Y+1, and then what? The challenge ends.

Blizzard have the actual numbers of people running Torghast. Alone, in a party, boosting, how long they took, how many runs, everything. In complete detail. “A few loud complainers” could not convince them of anything if the true figures didn’t back them up.

Then you skipped hp powers to build towards being a glass cannon. I never had an issue with the normal mobs dealing too much damage.

Maybe alone even :smiley:

there is no ’ in torghast troll

Have they said it’s being removed?
Island Expeditions are still there, as are Visions.

I don’t see them doing a Mage Tower on it and getting rid of it, so you’ll still be able to do it for the cosmetics and achievements.

I assume there will be some similar solo type content in DF. We just don’t know what it is yet.

What kind of mog makes your Void Elf pitch black? :thinking:
Looks cool, not gonna lie

Its just a forum bug, it doesnt look like this in-game. It might be because of my skin colour, I use the new dark ranger skin colour.

Doing without mask for the upgrade were super if you had ereleveant gear by the end of the expansion