Don't introduce coming set bonus for PVP

Basically the topic. I just wanted to voice my opinion very clearly on the matter, since i feel very strongly about it.
Those set bonus are obviously designed for PVE, they are a absolutely ridicolous from a PVP balance standpoint. No PVP-player asked for this and since its obviously already hard enough to balance PVP somewhat, don’t make it even harder for yourself.


i actually dont want to play the same meta with same talents etc for 2 years so im happy for something new. I just hope they buff/nerf them pvp specific even though i dont think that will happen


The meta is stale, the gameplay is boring, repetitive and all the same.

I’d like some major changes.

some of the set bonuses just don’t belong or work well in a pvp environment though: all mage specs, sub rogue, rsham, mw monk and (maybe) rdruid come to mind

sub rogue is probably the worst offender because that 4 set will be a detriment to use

The resto shaman set bonus could only work in rbg’s and even then you’d have to play with tidebringer and cleansing waters to really benefit from it. Besides that you don’t want to cast chain heal in PvP at all. Costs way too much mana and is very risky to use…

I think they will make pvp sets have their own bonuses just like in the past.

I doubt they will make separate pvp bonuses

They’re definitely not making separate bonuses and these will for sure work in PvP. When you convert a piece of gear to a tier piece it will have pre-determined stats (e.g. a Versa/Haste piece of PvP gear converted to a tier piece will now have Haste/Crit or whatever stat Blizzard assigned to that set piece) and that is why they changed the PvP Trinket set bonus from buffing versatility to main stat+stam.

With 2 legendaries and pve set bonuses active in PvP season 3 is going to be a complete mess of unforeseen imbalances. Should be a lot of “fun”.

Im 100% sure that ppl will cry to get back SL S1 and S2 clown fiesta, once S3 hits. No matter how bad Sl pvp is, it will be such fiasco that ppl will tell legends about it until the end of wow days. I will eat my socks, if this wont come true. They give literally zero flying pucks about pvp balance, so the game is in ruin and the worst part is yet to come.

Do u think next expansion will be better? I don’t really think so. In general PvP here on a very bad design level, cuz they never think about PvP when they indroduce something as Kaleiki said. There was Legion and manual tuning with templates and in general a lot of broken things didn’t work in PvP, but people was much more mad. They just don’t want balance and equality. But PvE even worse - if u want something relevant its like be on the second job(no joking) - casual gameplay what worth this game is.

I doubt it will be better. They put so low effort into the game and pvp suffers the most, obviously. Im not sure why some ppl hated templates. I think it would be the lesser evil, until they find a way to make pvp experience not garbage and put actual effort into it.

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