Doom winds animation

Can we please have an updated attack animation for Doomwinds. the Enhancent shaman already has some of the weakest animations of all the melee classes and doomwinds seem to just be an auto attack animation. Ice strike isn’t much better.

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on the plus side, if they would delete weak auras, people wouldn’t even know why they die.
then again doom farts and WF does negative dmg lol

Yes please! Bring back the old animation for windfurry, updated it if you want but we want tornado animations, not some tiny wind pool at your feet


Nice transmog!

This would be cool but less like a tornado that follows you round. Would like to see like soft wind animations and like leaves/dirt flying up etc. I don’t like really obvious animations as I feel some of the best are subtle yet meaningful.

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It bothers me most that the lightning bolt animation lacks a BOLT MADE OUT OF LIGHTNING! ARGHHHRFG!! :fire::zap::fire:

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