Doomwinds, what is this?

I don’t understand the damage and the duration of this “burst”, the damage it does is riddiculous hitting 1500, max 2000, also his duration is only 8 sec, literal 1 mini cc and is over, also, it share global cooldown so, when you press it, you lost one second, so the duration is 7 seconds…

I have noticed about this fix: * Fixed an issue where Doom Winds was granting a higher-than-expected trigger rate of Windfury Weapon. So, if was doing before negative damage, with this new fix, will be even worst,

Dissapointed about the duration and the cd, 1:30 and 8 sec, before was 1 min cd and 12 sec, now, we have more cd, less duration and less damage, this “burst” is such a meme.


Would love to see WF & Stormstrike become nature damage, making it scale with mastery.
And for Doomwinds : Off GCD, 1min CD, 10sec. PLEASE.


Indeed, your most used (ST) skill and it’s not effected by your mastery…

100% agred !

Stormstrike : * Energizes both your weapons with lightning and delivers a massive blow to your target, dealing a total of (X% + X% of weapon damage) Physical damage.

When does lightning cause physical damage ?

It’s like they said : “Ok guys, your Lightning bolt does frost damage” that’s make no sense.

Stormstrike and Windfury are the essence of Enh and they damage aren’t scall by mastery, that’s ridiculous. The day when they understand that, enh would be realy fun and in adequation with the spec.


That’s becasue they lack inspiration so they made them bypass armor while as an elemental… or what ever Ascendance turns us into.
You ask too much from the blizzard class designers :slight_smile: .

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Crazy to think thats it’s our only physical abilities…
Speaking of Ascendance, even the AoE once procced is dealing nature damage.

they are scaling with mastery.
Well the proc of wf and reset of SS at least.
It is just scaling so badly that nobody notices and since both do no dmg it wouldn’t even matter.
Also now there is a talent that causes 25% of SS to be nature dmg, which should scale with mastery as well.
Unfortunately SS still does 0 dmg so it still does not matter at all.

WF does suprisingly a lot of dmg (1000 cuts etc.) but only if you have 100% uptime, so especially in pvp WF is just sooooooooo bad that 60% or more of my dmg is actually elemental blast followed by frost shock lol

Nobody cares about the increased stormbringer & WF procs, we want Stormstrike & WF damage to scale with mastery.
We just need them to deal nature damage.

And that’s what he said too

…and their damage aren’t scalling with mastery*


Take Windfury too, it’s called wind fury, wind is pure nature.
If it makes our weapon swing an extra time, it should be called BladeFury or smth.

but the dmg of SS is scaling with mastery and increase proc chance on WF is also increasing you dps.
so you cannot really say it doesn’t scale.
It just scales terrible and that you don’t notice it.

No, mastery increase nature, fire and frost damage. Stormstrike and winfury deal physical. It doesn’t scale with mastery.
The increase proc chances caps around 10%, which is negligible. Nobody cares about the additional effect of mastery. What we want are big numbers.
Edit : to reach cap you need at least 55% mastery.
Let’s not even talk about stormblast talent.

well if you choose to ignore the talent that makes it scale, sure.

I, of course agree that SS should do dmg and so should WF.
but scaling with mastery will not provide that.

  1. they need to remove the reset mechanic
  2. they need to remove forceful winds
  3. they need to remove chain SS (Stormflurry)

then we can finally adjust numbers to make SS and WF hit for decent numbers. Then of course it would make sense if they scale with mastery so making SS deal nature dmg and WF well don’t think that will ever happen :x
i think wind should ignore armor as windstrike does.

I agree with the sentiment of people discussing here, although there are some core gameplay and balance reasons that this is happening and should be addressed.

  • First about mastery Scaling with WF/SS:
    Not considering if it does make sense, the reason that blizzard has decided to make WF/SS deal physical damage and not nature, is because of damage scaling. They are trying to avoid making a spec’s mastery increase ALL its damage and they have communicated that they want a good percentage of Enh’s damage to be physical (to keep masterry scaling in check).

  • The reason DW has been nerfed as a talent, is because of “Balance”. What I mean by balance is not that it was too “strong” on its own, but it was too strong as a talent needing 8 points. Due to its placement in the talent tree, it is balanced to have similar output to Sundering, hot hand, and crash lightning. That needs to be the case in order to make talents be a real “choice” and not have a cokie cutter.

Mind you, those 2 reason are not me explaining why things SHOULD be like that, just what blizzard has shared on why they ARE. No matter what “makes sense” lore wise and fantasy wise, if we do not focus on those issues, feedback will be mostly ignored.

Some ways that this COULD be addressed (not the only way):

  • Get the Frost DK treatment:
    What I mean is that how they made frost dk’s mastery work with obliterate (we had the same problem with mastery, and they introduced a mechanic to make it obliterate scale with mastery). They introduced a small talent like that in stormblast (making SS deal some nature damage).

  • Introduce more Physical damage in our builds:
    This might sound counter productive but hear me out. What blizzard is trying to do is that a % of our damage not scale with mastery. In order to have SS/WF scale with mastery, a good solution would be to introduce more physical damage in our rotation (be it through spells like earth shock, or passive damage procs). The more physical damage we have on our rotation, the more leeway blizzard has to tune up our mastery, and making SS/WF deal nature damage is a good way to achieve that.

  • Regarding Doom Winds:
    Frankly all that needs to be done for it to become more powerful is for it to be moved in the tree from its position to a capstone position. It has a very distinct gameplay and it is pretty defining as a talent. It would work best (IMHO) if it took the place of Pwave in the talent tree and we got some more WF/DW supporting talents behind it. Pwave could be reduced in power abit and take its place with Splintered Elements right below it before Elemental Blast.

Again, the above are not thing I want to implement AS IS. They are just EXAMPLES of what could be done to address the problem ACCORDING to what blizzard has said. There are countless solutions to the problems we discuss, but ignoring blizz’s viewpoint will not help us provide ideas.

I’m agree too, I think Stormstrike and Windfury should do nature damage and not physical, the mastery effect would perfect it affect Stormstrike or windfury but… this is what it is

It makes a lot of sense.

I remember that. They implemented stormstrike as nature damage in bfa before backpedalling and reverted it back to physical. Sad that a good percentage of our damage being physical is just one skill and a proc.

We used to have earth shock in our toolkit, thats a good idea. Coupled with the old earthen spike effect, that could be nice.
Or, why not let stormstrike deal nature damage when empowered by stormbringer ?

I like your ideas mate

This could be done if stormblast talent is iterated upon. If it moves lower in the tree and changes from 1 point in 2, it might be possible.
Instead of providing 25% additional damage as nature, it could replace SS with nature damage (removing the 25% increase and doubling the cost needed).

I won’t spend two points in that talent then lol

I mean, i personally do care, because it makes the rotation smoother. If it also made stormbringer proc deal nature damage though, that would be nice.

Kinda like how killing machine proc makes obliteration do frost damage.

I always hated masteries that have the same effect as versatility, so i like that it increases the proc chance of stormbringer.

I’m fine with it being physical damage though, but it should probably do more damage, it’s just pretty low on the scale, even with heavy investment.

Also, there are problems with legacy of the frost witch, which increases physical damage.

Anyway doomwinds is about a 3%/4% or so contribution to your damage, not too great.

What is so good with nature damage is that it bypasses armor. Thats the main reason why I want our entire toolkit to deal elemental damage.
Just make LotFW increase the damage of your next stormstrike by 50%…
Not like the devs are going to listen to my suggestions anyway.