<Dopamine> Looking for raiders 2/10M

Dopamine is a newly formed Horde guild on Sunstrider with a group of dedicated players who focus on both PVE and PVP content

We are currently 10/10 HC And 2/10 Mythic

Our current goal is to gear up and bolster our main group for some mythic content

Our Raiding times are Wed/Sun/Tue at 20:30 - 23.00 Realm time with invites going out 20:15

We expect the following out of our raiders:

  • Willingness to improve and help your guildies improve
  • A Dedication towards raiding and pve content
  • Reliability
  • A good vibe

Looking for:

  • Disc priest
  • Ranged Dps

For recruitments you can contact the following players:

Snauru // Snau#21186 or on discord Snauru#0001

Blastro // Oliver#2819

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