Blizzard you are absolutely trolls!! SACK THE DEVELOPMENT TEAM


You cant sack a dev team if there is none in the first place


Peak WOW PVP design :clown_face:

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in reality is rogue any less broken than dh?

:clown_face: game
:clown_face: devs
:clown_face: class

checks out

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AWC makes 0 sense because it’s this EU/NA format and one of the teams plays on 200 ping anyway so who cares.

Basically higher seeded team starts with lower ping and then loser plays “home” so sometimes these matches seem more even.

Imagine that 2nd and 3rd Echo - Golden Guardians match was won by the team with 200 ping. Great tournament. It’s a shame that Blizzard cannot afford a hotel for 30 people and small TV studio.

Outlaw is also disgusting but not even close to Havoc level.


it was the first match today as well which makes it even worse haha

all that left is just waiting for next expansion and hope they add something for pvprs this season is done for me as rogue i was on 1,8 in 2s and on 1.8 i was against gladiators and arena masters and i beat them in hard close fight and move on but then dh after dh after dh after monk after dh where just rolling over me and i cant do nothing even full control in burst but game now is just unbalanced joke and blizzard dont care little bit they just pumping all resource for fast release of next cashrab expansion

I call an extra million dollars bonus to the CEO, does that ring a bell? :joy:


It is, because it’s harder to master, playing a dh is just: 1234-blur


really sad state currently

Bro it’s 1, 2 without 3 and 4. Due to set bonus. The rest are CDs.

Anyway it’s not even this. It’s just the gameplan of Havoc - be the most tanky spec in the game, deal 1,5x damage of every spec and have the best mobility. Just tunnel the target down. There is nothing to mess up besides missing your Essence Break what is hard to do anyway.

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And let’s not forget SOD got already 3-4 balancing patches :smiley:
And we get AWC with 3 DHs. :smiley:
What a clownfiesta this game has become. :smiley:


Sorry bro, thanks for the correction ^^,

You also have automatic blur if its 5th button to much for people after rotation :smiley:

lul hahaah :joy:

:circus_tent: u got a full circus tent right there, i already can hear the clown music

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Yeah they already prioritize their subbed private server LMAO, faster than expected

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