Double screen setup help required

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Hello everyone
so im planing to set up a second monitor for my gaming setup but the problem is my computer only has one Hdmi port behind (1 vga aswell but im not planing to buy old monitor)
so im wondering if there is any way to set it up by buying myself double hdmi splitter? and if yes could anyone recomend me some of amazon please :slight_smile:

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Iโ€™d sooner try for a VGA > whatever your new monitor uses converter (probably vga > HDMI or vga > display port)

Splitter means double the amount of data on 2 identical monitors over the same single port in comparison with a 2 cable solution which can cause performance issues depending on the physical splitter or gpu in your PC

Another option is a new gpu which has the ports you need but thatโ€™s a much more expensive solution

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thank you for the reply.
il probabbly go with hdmi converter to VGA
my gpu is okay for now (1050ti)

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