Double Vanish, DOuble Evasion? Why?

Honestly why are you bufing sub rogeuis so much


this is what happens when class designer 1 don’t think and class designer 2-12 is on superette locations and there is 0 communication

I am not gonna lie man, there was a rogue in a wsg that ligit almost made me suplex my computer. I am a grown man, and have no business losing my cool over a game, but he evasioned, then shadow step stunned, then cloaked, then shadowstepped cheaped, then vanished. My guy, I swear to god I the veins were pulsating out my head…

This is compounded by the fact he must have been a good few ilvls lower than me considering hsi health. I was running up to him thinking “Free kill in this BYAT…”, and then. No…


Because every expansion one or all three specs. have to be broken, reason? Because Blizzards love child.

2 vanishes?? i swear i just played vs a rogue who vanished like 7 times during the 2 min match

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What you mean double evasion? You talking about the pvp talent that gives evasion on cloak of shadows?

That’s because rogue apparently is the class that has to win every 1v1. Rogues are not allowed to lose.

In my opinion they should lose Perma stealth.
I hate them with a passion cause they are really strong 1v1 and lesser skilled players are beating you because the rogue toolkit is just beyond broken.

And in the off chance that you actually are beating a rogue he can just vanish and get lost. They will never suffer the consequences of being killed when they try to bite more off than they can chew cause they will always get out of every bad situation with cloak and vanish.


if you’re having Rogue problems I feel bad for you son
I got ninety-nine problems but they aint one

I got the rap patrol on the gat patrol
Foes that want to make sure my casket’s stunned
Rap critics that say he’s “Money Cash CC’er”
I’m from the hood, stupid, what type of facts are those?
If you grew up with holes in your backpack
You’d celebrate the minute you was having dough
I’m like, " Stun critics" you can kiss my whole Trinket son

Ninety nine problems but a Rogue ain’t one
If you having Rogue problems I feel bad for you son
I got ninety nine problems but a Rogue ain’t one, hit me

I think it’s actually that Rogue dev/designer is actually playing PvP so he comes with good ideas (for the spec) and makes Rogue’s life easier while R Sham dev/designer (which is most likely Ion - and if not he has much to say there) doesn’t. For years R Shaman is pushed to press Chain Heal or Healing Rain in PvP - when neither of these buttons actually work there.

ion plays Warlock
and another dev that streams on twitch plays Hunter

so take that for what it is :wink:

hey maybe we will get some reworks for DK soon ? right? … right guys?
( no dev plays DK )

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Ion’s main is R Shaman and I can even link his char xD


Seems not the case for this expansion as it’s level 60 for now.

This is a proof

Considering they hugely nerfed sprint talent thats doubtful.

No it’s not as Rogue gets 1 nerf and 2 buffs every single time.

It’s not that Sub got way more buffs than that nerf and that he also has 2x Shadowstep.

yeah that’s the problem. Was said many times that they need to remove this “few specs dominating others in patch X”. Every patch most specs are closely same well-balanced but 1-2 are damn overbuffed…why just don’t make all classes closely same well-balanced as they do it for most classes every patch?

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spinning the fotm wheel on classes brings them more money cause people buy boosts and playtime that they need to equip the character and then after enough people bought a boost and equipped their character they spin the wheel again.

except lock and rogue are always s tier

Nice to know Rogue == whichever spec people think is busted at the time but everyone else has a spec specific “dev”… If you think for example assa that has one vanish and one evasion didn’t get affected by the sprint talent being deleted then I dunno what to tell you.

It’d be nice if they weren’t so fast in stealth. Remember Vanilla Rogue having like 50% less ms while stealthed? Now they move even faster in stealth than un-stealthed, how does that even make any logical sense?


Try to play rogue instead, when did rogues get double evasion? Tip when rogues evade press fear and wait it out, if he trinkets storm bolt him and kill. If they nerf rogues damage rogues are useless.

it also removes disarms and cleanses you of all bleeds and physical slows.

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What a great time to quit. Iv been free rating for back peddalers playing this meme of a class for years now. Someone on the wow board 100% has a kid with special needs that mains a rogue, And thats why they are S tier every single season since vanilla

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