Doubts between Dh or Pala

Hi, I have doubts about which of these two classes to main for TWW. I’m looking for an all-around class that can handle most content without too much worry (I’m not aiming to do +31 in Mythic Plus, for example). I like both classes, but I can’t quite decide on one. The pros and cons that I see are:

Demon Hunter (DH): Pros:

  • Excellent mobility
  • Good transmogrification options (mog)
  • Solid damage
  • Historically viable in Mythic+ and raids usually bring one for the buff it provides


  • The dash build doesn’t quite appeal to me due to the associated bugs (being launched unexpectedly, going through the floor, etc.)

Paladin: Pros:

  • Good damage (though not as flexible as DH; you have to choose between single-target or AoE)
  • Good survival and utility
  • Good mog options
  • Usually good for raid progression


  • Retribution can be very unstable; there are times when it seems like developers forget about that spec, and it doesn’t deal damage. This makes it challenging to bring to Mythic+.

My main role is usually DPS, but I could adopt another role if necessary. This expansion, I’ve mained Warlock for a change, but the downside is that if it doesn’t deal damage, it contributes little to Mythic+.

Again, I like both classes. I’ve been playing DH since Legion, but I’m concerned about the dash build due to the issues mentioned above. I’ve been playing Paladin recently, and it’s a class fantasy that appeals to me just like DH. However, I’m worried because I know Retribution isn’t usually treated well in terms of balancing (it being in a good state currently seems rarer than not, and from what I’ve read on forums, Retribution Paladins are already expecting nerfs).

I’ll post this in the DH subforum as well to get opinions from players of both classes. Thanks in advance.

I always find these threads pointless.

How do we know what you’d prefer?

Class forums are the absolute worst place to look (or ask). Someone always has an axe to grind and no one is objective.
They could buff ret to be great and people would doom that this must mean a nerf is on the cards etc. Same with DH, its never been this strong so people will argue “its had its time in the sun” and so on.

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Honestly. Dont worry about the finer points. Play the one you enjoy the most. If you really cant decide between them, Play both. Nothing in the rules stopping you.

Im a ret main, but I have been picking up more Prot and Holy recently, and being kinda lazy, that does mean I can just gear one char. So if you have any interest in healing, then maybe ret. But if not, and just interested in DPS and/or Tanking, then both are fairly solid.

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But if you want some feedback, as someone who played DH from Legion to BFA, I got bored of their rather barebones rotation and meta-focused gameplay to see some numbers.

Meanwhile Ret has a smooth rotation and you don’t feel like an exhausted grandpa after being done with the wings/bell buffs.
Could use better mobility but almost all your attacks have a huge range on them.

Besides, plate looks better overall.

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