Dracthyr incoming as you know it will

Alright, so I am going to ask you guys a question, not a salt topic, consider I used to RP, I remember the shock with Void Elfs in Stormwind etc, and well what’s your input on the future to come where YOU know for a fact you’ll see 10-20 dragons walking around Stormwind sipping drinks and getting close with others, what’s your approach on this, really I am just curious, I think it’s going to be weird to see, but also confused lore wise to how people would RP them consider their serious Lore and Story.

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Remember, it is canon, when Kalecgos and a tons od Blue Dragons materialized above Stormwind to “celebrate” the hero for completing “The Stuff of Legends”?
Immagine you are an average joe and suddenly the sky is filled with giant blue reptiles displaying awesome magical powers
I strongly suspect, half of the city fled, and the other half fell on their knees and welcomed their new draconic overlord… then felt really silly wen the dragons left
A minor legion of anthromorphic dragons is Stormwind either will be “just another tuesday” or there will be panic
But on the other hand, it will be a great source of RP. a bit like when the Dranei arrived

If the people can accept warlocks, death knights, and demon hunters, I am sure they can accept humanoid dragons as well :grinning:

There is vast potential for “serious” RP, and even more potential for … weird … RP :nerd_face:

I will be maining an evoker myself for RP and know there will be people who will react positively and also negatively. Hoping to set myself up as a positive anchor for Dracthyr.
Going slightly away from their army self, by exploring the “new world” they’ve now come to. So my guy will be sociable and trying to gain more knowledge, and will indeed hang around the cities in preparation for explorations etc…
They may have been created with warfare specifically in mind, but I’d reckon that doesn’t mean that’s all there is to them. Especially since they are used to following Neltharion’s orders, but now they do not have these anymore and are essentially following their own accords.

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One third will want to kill them, another bang them and the rest probably won’t acknowledge them seriously.
That’s my prediction.

I imagine that as usual everyone at the beginning in Stormwind will be very unwelcoming or at least some what suspicious of those new comers.

I can imagine that a lot of people would seek to roleplay as the new race so there will be a bunch of them and well that’s in good faith cause this new race will seek to see the world as the Pandaren did.

In terms of roleplay I don’t believe much will change, I believe the Drakyer will be looked almost as the same level as death Knights and demon hunters around Stormwind.

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