Dracthyr names

Has anyone managed to find any information about Dracthyr naming conventions?

For example, will they follow the naming conventions of the existing Dragonflights or is the general consensus that “anything goes”?

They sound good indeed. Are they based on anything (lore wise or not)?

I’ll just be following normal dragon conventions.

“Grumstormu” is my choice :sweat_smile:

I’m not sure about proper Dracthyr conventions yet, as some go with names referencing colours, which also gets done in other flights, but usually with their respective affixes.

My placeholder name currently uses the Black dragonflight’s afix of “-ion”


The coincidence, I will be using the name “Velzarion”. Coming from a black dragon I roleplayed several times and grow attached to. Hopefully, the next expansion allows us to mend the black flight and prevent it’s extinction while returning to the ancient duty as the protectors of these lands


Yes, while I’ve seen some of the “naming conventions” so far, I like to think currently some may connect to the black flight as well a bit more, and perhaps use their naming as well. (that’s my current headcannon at least, unless properly disproven)

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