Draenei Roleplay (My place in the world, as an actual alien)

So, when it comes to picking a race I tend to go for ‘‘low profile’’ kind of races that could easily blend in. All of my friends play Alliance and I have always mained Shaman, the problem is that I am not keen on any of the Alliance races that can be shaman, the only one I like the ‘‘feel’’ of in terms of animations, running, aesthetic etc is Draenei.

Probably the least ‘‘blend into the crowd’’ race in WoW considering they’re about 9ft tall, bright blue, have hooves and tentacles.

I just can’t see a Draenei kicking back in an inn with friends or going out to hunt treasure and visit small towns as they’re immediately noticeable and unlike any other race.

I’d love to hear from some other Draenei about how they fit into the world, how they relax and how they come to terms with the fact they’re not really like any other race at all which makes me feel a bit like an outcast.

Just following up from this, I love the lore and theme of The Broken, I think they’re a really cool race but I just see Draenei as too regal and almost godlike.

Draenei are long-lived, and with that, presumably wiser and more patient than, for example, humans.

Granted, they haven’t been on Azeroth for long, but I assume most adult draenei have lived long enough to feel confident about themselves and their place in the universe.

As shaman, though, I think draenei are the “least plausible” race. If I remember correctly, they only turned to shamanism after the orcish Horde started genociding them on Draenor, so they have much less experience with shamanism than they do with, for example, the Light.

I RP all my draenei as relatively old; at least a couple hundred years, which in my mind should have given them a fair amount of self-confidence. Being fairly new on Azeroth, I find it plausible that they would be curious about Azeroth, and would most likely enjoy traveling and exploring it, including getting to know its inhabitants.

I agree that draenei will never be inconspicuous on Azeroth, but if they are the race you want for your shaman, you’re just going to have to incorporate that in your RP. :slightly_smiling_face:

Your draenei shaman can be very self-conscious about their size, perhaps occasionally knocking into things, in an environment designed for creatures smaller than them.

I think shaman might stand out in any group, although an extra big and blue one even more so. I can’t think of any way to counter this, except perhaps if there is a potion or something that can make you smaller…

Your shaman might even embrace their differentness; being larger than their companions, maybe they’ll even go all out and wear huge, flashy pieces of armor, and become a radiant beacon of shamanism…


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