[ Draenor ] Druid LF Guild ASAP !


I am sick and tired of playing alone, mythic runs ruined / failed cause I have nobody to play with so I cross my fingers and go with pugs.
I know my class very well, slowly trying to get the item lvl required for higher end game stuff. I came back after a long break.
ilvl 382 and going.
Just looking for a friendly guild who doesn’t mind helping someone…not asking for much just people to play with.
I’d rather fail things and laugh about it with guild mates then just rage on my own like an idiot.
So If anyone interested in recruiting me please let me know. :disappointed_relieved:


Hello there! If you are willing to transfer, we may be the guild for you! Who are we? We are Solar Noctis on the Zenedar/Bladefist/frostwhisper cluster looking for more active members! We have lots of planned guild events from 2 nights of planned m+ runs (Monday and Thursday), 2 nights of raiding (although we are currently rebuilding the raid team) and even a night where we chill out and level alts together! Always active on discord channels aswell! If you would like to chat more. Please add me Luctish#1984

Thank you for reading! :slight_smile:


Hi Acquiescent! If you’re up for a move to Magtheridon server then our guild could be a great fit for you! We have lots of laid back people happy to help each other out and have fun together.

We run lots of M+ together and have a dedicated M+ channel on Discord for getting groups together. We have people running lots of different key levels.
We also run normal and heroic raids to allow as many people as possible to get into the level of raid they want to do!
We have various other chilled out, fun events and goings on for people to jump into and have a laugh together!

If you’d like more info, hit me up on Discord (Tea003#8087) or on BNet (Teo003#2501) for a chat and I’ll answer any questions you may have! :blush:


Hi Acquiescent! It can be hard to find helpful, friendly players indeed. I’ve been lucky to find a fantastic group of people, and we’d be happy to have you join us. =) We’re Raiders of Rohan (Zenedar/Bladefist/Frostwhisper), and you’re welcome either as a raider or a social. We run mythics every day, our Discord channel is active and, if you have any interest in raiding, we raid on Wednesdays and Sundays.

If that sounds interesting to you, please add me for a chat: Amanda#2105 =)