[Draenor][EU] Temporary Solution is lf dps with healing OS

Hello everyone,

Temporary Solution is an English-speaking mythic raiding guild on Draenor-EU.

We are looking for more like-minded, reliable people to add to our roster :slight_smile:

You don’t want to run 20 keys a week to farm BiS and crests? - No problem
You want to run 20 keys a week to farm BiS and crests? - No problem
You have alts you want to do keys on? - We got you covered
You like chatting with other ppl in Discord? - Look no further!

We want to progress in mythic as far as possible, whilst still having a good laugh and a relaxed atmosphere. As long as you can carry your weight, you are fine. We don’t want that people feel pressured to invest all their free time into the game.

It is after all: a game. It should be fun.
If you enjoy doing keys, you will find people here to do so. If that’s a +2 with alts or a weekly no leavers, we have everything.
We have an active discord and guild chat (the latter is depending on the time of the day though) and you can either actively participate or just lurk in the shadows. We have a mature atmosphere (childish fun at times included though)

During raids we take our progress seriously and have a focused raid atmosphere.
At the moment we are on 9/9 hc and 2/9 mythic .

Our raiding times are:

Wednesday 20:30-23:00 CET;

Sunday 20:30-23:00 CET;

Right now we are looking to reinforce our roster with:

  • only dps with decent healing off-spec

What would you need to bring to the table?

  • decent logs (we don’t need legendary parses to kill some mythic bosses)
  • 460+ and 4set
  • able to join Discord during raids to at least listen

For questions and application, please contact:

Rikachan#2491 on b-net or on Discord Pandas_fluffy_b

Looking forward to having you in our team! :slight_smile:

Open melee spot for anything but a warrior and a dh!

Still in need of a few more dps!

Still need some more dps, in dire need of someone with a healing OS!

Still need a healer (sham/MW/holy priest/evoker)

Still in need of a mythic ready healer!