[Draenor]LF Cross faction HC raiding guild

Hi :slight_smile: I’m a chill player looking for a new guild since most of my fellow companions quit the game. I usually aim to get AotC, but I would not dislike to dip my toes into Mythic progression (but still being part of a chill environment). I also do M+, not a great fan of the system but it’s a good source of gear. The most important thing for me is to find a good group of people to have fun during raid nights (and any other guild activity); I always was lucky in this with my previous guilds (especially with my last one) and I would like to continue in this path.

My main character in this season will be a ret paladin (with the possibility to adapt to prot of needed).

I’m looking for a guild that starts raids around 8:30/9PM and that doesn’t run the raid during Wednesdays due to irl conflicts.

If you want to know more about me, you can check my data on Warcraftlogs and/or RaiderIo (name of the pala: Divinegoat, season 1 main: Elfrica), and if you want to chat in a more comfortable environment I can send you my Discord account name.