Dragon fang still dead we need paid transfers

Even though the server hits medium on peaked times, it is still the ONLY server that hits low off peak.

I dungeon with the same people every single day, not that I am complaining about the social aspect but when you have the same hand full of people running 50+ content you know that your server is low on people.

Don’t get me started with ELITE quests while questing, you can spam for hours and not get a single whisper. I have had to leave the elite quest in searing gorge and can’t do the ones in plaguelands.

Only one guild last week managed to down Ragnaros. Rest of the guilds are having trouble doing 55+ dungeons.

It is hard to sell the longer to acquire materials on the AH, I have had the following materials up for weeks:

-Ghost dye = 3 weeks, I was the only person selling them on AH till yesterday.

-Golden pearl = again sold after 1 week of posting it on AH and i was the only person with it on AH

-Grilled squid = I barely sold 20 fish and I still have 60 in inventory it’s been 2 weeks since I have put them up on AH

-Arcane crystal = selling for 50g on our server, not enough competition. ridiculous.

-Savoury Deviate Delight = not a single sale and I am alliance side and the only one who is selling it on AH

-70% of the white materials hardly sell. End up spending more money on AH fees then actually making any money.

-no one on the server has high end crafting materials like arcane reaper or flasks.

It has been weeks since the transfers have opened up and I am getting tired of this crap, can we get paid transfers.