Dragon Isle quests

Hey guys, I just cam back to WoW and I did the mistake of using, just for fun, the 70 boost on an alt. And now, on my main, it seems I unlocked everything. And I am so overwhelmed by it.

My map is full of stuff I should actually be doing after finishing the campaigns, the quest Log tells me to up my reputation with factions, it tracks the Guardian of the Dream campaign although the actual campaign where I was in was not finished, while I actually am in Azure doing its campaign (I am not even able to see anymore how much I am done with the campaign) with Khadgar in the quest “Preservation of Knowledge”.

Would have liked to first do all the campaigns, all the story, before jumping into anything else. I have just finished the first 2 zones, but now it tells me to do the Guardians of the Dream campaign, although storywise, and my next quests, are in Azure. And when I open up the map it is full of World Quests, Faction quests, it seems I now am higher with all factions, Valdrakken Accord objectives/quests/whatever. My question is, is there a way to no longer see all this content, at least until I am done doing the story? It makes everything too confusing for me.

Not entirely.

You can turn off World Quests on your map. That will help some.

Open your map. Top right there will be a magnifying glass in a circle called “Map Filter”. You can untick everything on that, except I guess Quest Objectives.

That will clean up your map a lot, but it won’t stop world quests from popping up when you move into them.

In your quest log, you can expand or close the campaign sections. I’d try closing them all except Azure Span for now.

That’s all I can think of.

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