Dragonfang showing positive growth since inception


Hello all,

I thought I would share some positive news in a world full of ‘dead realm’ spam for the lower population realms.

For some context me and some friends transferred from Golemagg to Dragonfang a week ago for the following reasons:

  1. Queue times were often 3+ hours after coming home from work
  2. Horde / Alliance ratio was too favoured in the Horde side (STV & Shimmering Flats were incredibly frustrating to quest in)
  3. Friends were scattered across a few servers.

So far the move has solved all of the issues we had when we were considering to move; although there have been some negatives (low AH presence and trouble group finding outside of peak times), overall it has been a positive experience.

With new information such as the new Spanish realm and a wider choice of server transfers announced in retrospect if we knew ahead of time we probably would have stayed on Golemagg and waited for a transfer to a higher population server more suited to our needs.

Due to the lack of communication we are now looking at a permanent role on Dragonfang and I wanted to share some statistics with people who are in a position we were in when we transferred.


Following the url above you will see that Dragonfang, although still a small population, has a community of higher level players and looks to be increasing in the ‘Characters seen online’ metric. So we can safely assume that it’s growing.

It will be interesting to see if the new opened transfers can inject some more players, hopefully it will!




I abandoned my high level on Dragonfang and rerolled on Tenstorms. people will never understand that since the transfers are no longer occurring, people will not create new characters on low pop servers. Dragonfang will stay at 4k players until they merge servers. Dragonfang will see a decrease in players online in a few weeks from now.

good luck though, I hope I’m wrong


I would strongly recommend avoiding low pop servers, the Wow Classic team is very small.


Except the blue post 12h ago with 14 possible realms able to transfer to Dragonfang tomorrow onwards :slight_smile:

For reference


So do I, with the news of Blizzard limiting the CensusPlusClassic addon it makes it harder to track also


They probably to limit people making decision based on those numbers (also deepening A\H unbalance). While it might upset people, it’s probably best if we want lower realms to grow

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