Dragonfang to Mandokir(PVP) [MIGRATE?]


Since the server Dragonfang is dead and blizzard haven’t done anything in 2 months i have checked for other options. We could actually migrate to Mandokir(PVP) (Spanish realm).

  • The server has a stable player base.
  • The Auction House is working
  • Its easy to find groups

What do you guys say? The disadvantage would be that majority of the people are speaking Spanish, but most of them can actually speak English.

Discuss :smiley:

just quit the server all together.

The server feels like the next expansions is going to be based on our server. Sylvanas opened a rift to our realm of the dead.

if people have not moved from high pop servers up until now the chances of them leaving is pretty low. blizzard will not give out paid transfers as this will definitely F**k every server. people will move to their heavily populated faction or spoil a already balanced server.

The only time paid transfers will be available is when every single server is stable and by the looks of things more people are quitting the game on dragonfang then actually joining it.

it has been well over 2 months since the game has launched and there is only 3-4 guilds raiding, I might even be exaggerating as I only know 2 guilds who are raiding with full guild members, no pugs or guild merges.

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Listen to this guy. He is a man of great knowledge, and credibility. Absolutely no reason to think he is just sucking away the fun and enjoyment of the community. No sir, no sign of such, not even in his… I dunno… forum post history :wink: