Dragonflight Beta Key Giveaways Are Here!

Dragonflight Beta Key Giveaways Are Here!

Join your favorite content creators in the coming weeks for a chance to claim a Dragonflight beta key.

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Missing wolrds favourite King Asmon.

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All streamers that aren’t fun to watch…
And most of them stream ungodly hours…


wow. italians too are involved.

anyway nah. not interested.


You need to fix the link to
As you can see the link contains https//twitch in the link double https. which is not accessible. Remove the https// from it.

I’ll take a Beta invite as payment for running Q&A

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Only recognise 2 names from that whole list and even then only 1 whos content I actually watch.

Groan. And here I just wanted to be able to help shape the game by reporting bugs and giving feedback like I’ve done every expansion so far.

Instead the beta keys are given away in a bid for publicity for streamers I don’t care for.


Never heard of most of them plus don’t watch twitch anyway.
So how about give the keys to those that signed up to beta on YOUR site?


I’ve signed up for beta since they’ve put the sign button, And i didnt get access to beta but my friend did, my friend quit wow since shadowlands S1 and not even subbed and didnt even signed for beta, Bruh and also Why some of the streamers that helped blizzard a lot by giving feedbacks are not in the list ? like Method Danwarr


I’d rather watch paint dry than watching those streamers.
And since when is testing your game for free a prize? KEKW


What about access to do some benchmarking? Replying to a question that already has 3000 responses and alike isn’t very effective :smiley:

Hi Mosum, im sorry for your inconvinience not getting a beta key this time, Atleast you seem to have previously gotten keys in previous expansions.

I however have played wow since launch and have not a single time had beta access, so pipe down.


and this is why the expansion will be another failure…

priorities still in the wrong place…

and blissfully unaware .


As i can see on First Look no experienced DPS Warriors like Danwarr, Critcake or Biz.

Excuse me for my privledge, or something? I can’t explain to you how the process works for acquiring beta access. I can only refer to my past experiences.

Didn’t see Pilav on that list

Oh right, he stopped playing Wow

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Isn’t that the Taimoe only LoL player now?

Exactly… Rewarding streamers who have basically been insulting wow for years now and still continue to do so. What a joke…


They just need to announce the bloody release date for both the Pre-Patch and the Expansion itself so people can stop moaning about Jealousy or self Frustration from things like this.

Exactly. Screw those who want to help. Lets just reward the streamers who’ve actively bashed our game for years now. And probably convinced most of their subscribers to jump ship.