Dragonflight Comeback: Seeking Class Insights & Tips for a Returning Adventurer :)

Hey All,

I’m back in Dragonflight with a range of characters (70 Hunter, DH, Evoker; 60 Druid, Warlock; 52 Rogue) but I’m struggling to choose a main. Historically, I’ve juggled multiple classes without deep diving into any. I enjoy DPS but did enjoy Druid healing during TBC, and I’m eager to excel in M+ & Raids and improve in PvP.

My PvP favorites were Rogue and Druid during TBC, and Hunter in Vanilla, but I find them more challenging now, especially in arenas. For my level 70s, I’ve only had a brief play at max level in DF. Looking for advice to find a class that’s both fun and viable. As a side note, historically I’ve often more so enjoyed classes that have flexible movement, e.g. can hop around in a fight etc and don’t ‘have’ to stay still but I’d be will to hear any suggestions for classes that are a bit more static.

I lean towards high-damage roles but also want to feel ‘needed’, especially since finding group spots for gearing up at level 70 in DF had been challenging for me. I’m looking for a class that’s easy to pick up but offers depth and mastery over time, along with the ability to execute some entertaining PvP maneuvers! :stuck_out_tongue:

I enjoy both solo and group play and am aiming for a class that’s viable in both scenarios.

Hope this helps and appreciate any advice or feedback!

You’re asking for everything! :stuck_out_tongue:

I really don’t know what to tell ya.

I think the best you can do is look at class and spec tier lists for Dragonflight Season 3.


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