Dragonflight Dungeon Preview: A Bounty of Adventure Ahead

Dragonflight Dungeon Preview: A Bounty of Adventure Ahead

Face new challenges and adventures in the Dragon Isles with four new level-up dungeons and four maximum-level dungeons. Danger, malice, and perhaps a bit of loot are yours to discover.

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Awesome fantastic!
Please give us Void elf Demon Hunters.
Pretty please :heart:

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Wait a minute ! There will be eight new dungeons, but only four for m+? :face_with_monocle:
Make all eight m+, and two seasonal legacy ones.


One of them is absolutely going to suck as a m+ dungeon. It’s either going to be tight as hell on timer or it’s going to be a really long timer on it.

Which one? is there a video from ptr?

Sanguine depths, DoS, SoA are the worst dungeons

Brackenhide Hollow.

I’ve done it twice on the alpha so far and each of the times it took aaaaaaaaages to get to the first boss because you have to run around all over the first area saving 9 tuskarr. Once that’s done it goes relatively fast but it takes such an absurd amount of time to save them to activate the first boss. Also very high chance of people ninjapulling because the area is packed with mobs, mobs that can fear as well.

That doesn’t sound fun indeed.

Video is 25min tho

PTR video


Yeah, it’s fast once you get past the first part. It took them 9 minutes to engage the first boss and that’s on heroic or normal mode, not even mythic or in m+.

Like, 9 minutes to the first boss? I hated halls of atonement due to how long it took to get to the first boss and this is the same.

is it me or does Naltharus

look a bit like Thanos

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Well its like that in Halls as well.
ok i didn’t see edited post.

Yeah, I don’t like that you’re spending ages clearing trash to engage the first boss. I like the time to first boss engagement to be something similar to mists or necrotic wake in time spent. On the other hand, in ruby life pools you can barely use CDs on the first pull if you want them back for the first boss. Though ruby life pools is a bit on the shorter side.

this is why i think timers are bad design…

no timers no issue…

EDIT: redesigning a dungeon to meet higher optimal timing for mythic+ damages the game and makes it very linear and boring imo.

i dont know if you ever played the game dead rising 2??

that entire game was on a timer sure it was fun … but imagine how fun it would of been without the timer.

I dislike DoS more tbh. It just takes so much more time and wiping is costly, even with spawn points in tunnels.

8 dungeons to start is great…
But I hope we get more dungeons in patches, and I don’t necessarily mean mega dungeons.

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