Dragonflight: Explore the Untamed Lands of the Waking Shores

Dragonflight: Explore the Untamed Lands of the Waking Shores

Heroes of the Alliance and Horde are invited by Alexstrasza to aid the red dragonflight in this vibrant and menacing land teeming with elemental magic.

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Any update on getting the old UI back?

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There is no plans for that

That is not going to happen
just like you will never get a OLD models back :smiley:
this is a retail version of the game where they updating stuff and inovating stuff
if you can’t accept it just play classic version of this game

The new UI is the goat. I love the update. The old ui is awful. I think you are just driven by nostalgia. Maybe do it the old fashion way, and download bartender just like people in wotlk xd


Its not like the new ui is worse or something, but it actualy changed nothing . U still need addons to modify half of stuff, so why even bother with new ui

No, you only need weakauras, dbm, etc. If something else is missing, communicate it to lizard.
Or tbf, some people have been running around with spaceship UI’s, so whatever lol

New UI is welcome when it works properly. This current one does not. I see mystical buffs from enemies HP bars. When I select that enemy they disappear. Its so unfinished you have no idea.

I think you are missing an important point; I have never used an UI altering addon, ever. And I dont plan to.

I pay Blizzard, not the makers of some addon, to give me a choice.

any news on fixing the game stutters and pop in stutter on beast pc?

us forum is also with many people asking for a answer because the game is unplayable,tbh i will unsub if this is not fixed.

i will not play a rushed expansion full of stutters when dragonriding goes to speeds of 600% .

this stutters where not present before the pre patch or in any of the games i have on my pc.

game installed fresh with 0 addons.

fix your game or ill just ask for a refund of expac = my game time i lost last month.

Me :

You :

Me : wot mate ?

But for real, yea u need addons, like wa , dbm, big wigs , if u raid then something like exodus works nicely, if u wanna modify more than 10% of stuff u need bartender and bagnong maybe, also move anything has still big value , and many more QoL addons that im aint even gona name .

So yea, new Ui is perfect, and compared to old one changed nothing, big succes, glad u are fine with it

Its interesting quarrel on ui on a totally unrelated thread.
Sometimes here is like facebook. People moaning randomly and fighting with the first one answering to his nonsense post.
On topic: finally some duck spotted.

Why complain it zbout it then i dont need to move anything or i dont need any color on the micro bar.

I have no idea what u are trying to say and that ist past my morning coffe socmaybe try again please

Where is the duck?

0.24 in the video.

Ah the video!

I was scouring the images for the precious ducks! :laughing:

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Luckily, I never had a problem with the updated models. Just wish they gave all the racial mounts an updated model aswell.

Also, I dont need you to tell me what I should play. As for your innovation? Keep it.

Make reputation rewards account wide, at least for legacy content. Then I’d consider buying this expansion