Dragonflight: Legacies, Chapter 3

Dragonflight: Legacies, Chapter 3

Nozdormu aids Emberthal in confronting her memories to unlock the mysteries of a shrouded past.

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First and finally

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was wonderin’ where it was!

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wrong subtitles, those are from the first video …

Really liked this! cool to see some things like neltharion’s corruption appearing!


nice as usual

I don’t know. It’s not that interesting to me. I feel like I’m just getting a prologue to the Dracthyr starting experience. And a pretty drawn-out one at that.


This one was the worst.

  • Images are very static for no good reason. A whole 7 seconds of a shaking dracthyr head from 0:19 to 0:26, really?
  • Neltharion didn’t even try to help his so called army. He has aspect powers, yet he’s “desperate” enough to invoke the power of the old gods right from the get go? At least show us his struggle to make us feel for him, this seems bizzare.

To be honest I couldn’t care less about the dracthyr, they seem so unnecessary, especially this Emberthal character. They are fine as just another race, but making the whole expansion/patch about them is so meh. A bummer, because I always liked dragons. Draconic humanoids are not it though, at least not for me.

Don’t wanna be a hater… but seriously, how did the game get from Warbringers to Legacies?

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sad dracthyr don’t have regular fly :frowning:

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