Dragonflight Physical Collectors Edition and Gamekey

Hello everyone,

I got a question concerning the physical version of the Dragonflight (Epic) Collectors Edition that you can buy from the “Blizzard Gear Store”.

While buying the Collectors Edition it is stated that the physical form will be send to you once the new Addon is released.

  1. Does that mean I will recieve the game key and its digital extras only after recieving the Box? And will the box reach me before or several days after the new Addon is already out?

  2. Is it possible to not use the 30 Day Playtime key or code while activating the digital extras? I dont want to add 30 Days to my account until the Dragonflight-Pre-Patch is online.

Sadly I wasnt able to find any reliable information about how a physical WoW Collectors Edition works.

Yes, they key comes with the box.

It will be posted out on the release date, so a few days after. Blizzard call it an expansion.

The gametime is active once you use the key, you only get one key for everything.

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