Dragonflight Collector’s Edition Codes

We’ve seen a number of questions from players regarding the physical Collector’s Edition, which recently went on sale, and how they might be able to use the game code as a part of their purchase.

As there is no digital delivery of the code ahead of receipt of the physical box, there are two scenarios in play.

Players who aren’t concerned about getting access to any advance content or their digital items ahead of receipt of their Collector’s Edition box, can wait for it to be delivered to their shipping address. Once received, the game code can be found in the box and can be applied to the account they would like to upgrade to the Epic Edition of Dragonflight.

For those who would like to enjoy any advance content or their digital items before they receive the physical Collector’s Edition, they can purchase one of the digital options available and upgrade their account to Dragonflight immediately. After the Collector’s Edition is received, the code received in the box can be applied to the account they would like to upgrade to the Epic Edition of Dragonflight. Doing so will result in an automatic credit of Battle.net Balance to the associated account in the amount of the cost of the original digital purchase.

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Hello, so to clarify that i understand this post. When i order the collector’s edition that its 120 euros, i have to get any of the digital editions aswell to be able to join the early party and when i actually get the box i just upgrade it with the included game code and have the whatever edition’s price i got in addition refunded in blizzard ballance to my account, correct?

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You buy the game twice, but instead of receiving a conventional refund you are credited with balance on your account, which essentially costs them nothing.

I understand this was once an “inconvenience” with brick and mortar stores in terms of pre-order rewards, but now the product is advertised and sold directly on Blizzard’s own store. Sending codes by e-mail never crossed anyone’s mind? You create a problem and the only solution is to “encourage” the customer into spending more and many players will actually do it because of how invested in the game they are.

I can’t say that I’m offended but I do feel disrespected from a consumer standpoint. Not only did the price increase, but many users also believe that the rushed released date will significantly affect the quality of the game.

Speaking of disrespect, this inconvenience mentioned in the second paragraph stands shoulder to shoulder to not being able to buy only 1 month of game time in a single purchase; you are either limited to buying two or have to subscribe, which in turn pushes you either to buy several months at once or eventually as you lose interest in the game, you forget to cancel the subscription so they bill you without your knowing.

Customer unfriendly platform leads to wasting time with customer support and even more hassle. All of this is avoidable but has been the default experience many years in row. We would gladly spend the money because we love the brand, but being manipulated is such ways is a turn off and in return results with loss of repeat business.


I have a feeling that the reason behind this has to do with the usual people buying 5-10 boxes just to resell them later. Sending the codes via email will rise superstition to the people who want to buy from them, plus this way its win-win for blizzard as they get double money for one item in reality.


It’s always win-win for Blizzard, they’ve even upped the price of the base game from 40 to 50 EUR. Special thanks to the inflation and Russia.

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I am expecting to move house in the next few months. Will I be able to change my shipping address after placing my order?

Yes, this is done by ordering the Collector’s Edition again and make sure your new address is included in the order. Otherwise you will have to buy it again a third time.

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Damn Topic, I thought its a giveaway =(


why buy it now when there still 6 months to go before you can play it I know I not be doing this time I was stupid to buy shadowlands then having to wait a year to play the dame thing and why you put the prices up its not as if your buying petrol to deliver it world going nuts when upping the prices not just buy a few pence either I’m also going to stop playing for a while maybe a year enjoying another game at the mo

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Why not buy it now?

The most infuriating thing is that they’re only releasing it on their own store, with 15 Euro shipping on top and you have to pay upfront. I’ve bought the last several CEs but I feel really disrespected as a customer this time. I should pay almost 150 Euro upfront and the Xpac is not even in alpha? Even Amazon charged only me when it shipped.


Bli$$ard being Bli$$ard


:thinking: why i find this confusing

I can’t see why you cant send a digital code from the shop and the box on a later date. If the CE is supposed to be exclusive to the Gear Shop, why not send a code upon purchase and remove the codes from the boxes itself? You’re the only platform handling distribution at this point.
Even though you can get ‘refund’, it doesn’t feel like one. Refund to me means receiving back the funds I paid, through the medium I paid with. The old Switcharoo doesn’t feel that ethical to me. Then again, you are upfront with this. It’s there for all to read.


You can limit purchase one per customer for that problem .so it makes zero sense not to send codes by email in advance .


yep it is not a good solution that they are providing

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