Dragonflight: Plunderstorm Content Update Notes

Dragonflight: Plunderstorm Content Update Notes

Plunderstorm arrives to World of Warcraft on March 20!

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Tank players suffer from being useless in any BG other than CTF maps, Battleground Blitz suffers from not many games of Capture the Flag maps, there is a fix that solves both which is to allow Tanks to only play CTF maps, you solve the usefulness/uselessness of Tanks in BGs and you address the lack of CTF maps played in Blitz with 1 change, now you didn’t solve tanks being useless in most BGs and made potential new problems with scaling from a buff for FCs in non-tank CTF maps


    • Fixed an issue where Liquid Pyrite was not properly restoring ammunition.
    • Fixed an issue where Burning Tar was incorrectly damaging players and vehicles that were far away.
    • Fixed an issue preventing Tar from properly slowing and damaging enemies.
    • Fixed an issue where Mimiron would jump the gun too quickly and attack players while remaining untargetable.
    • Fixed an issue where General Vezax’s Mark of the Faceless was doing too much damage.
    • Fixed an issue where various boss enemies were moving great distances when tanks were too close.
    • Fixed an issue where Yogg-Saron’s tentacles could spawn within the boss model.

I can’t believe they finally fixed Flame Leviathan and Vezax.

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I see April came early this year again :rofl::rofl::skull:


that is why they removed the downvote buttons lol


BOO! That’s all.

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You suck! Booooo.


I am so confused.


    Vault of the Incarnates (2) Set Bonus: Healing Stream Totem now increases critical strike by 15% (was 10%).
    Vault of the Incarnates (4) Set Bonus: Increases the effectiveness of critical heals to 220% (was 215%) instead of the usual 200%.

So Holy priest gets a pager of changes.

MW monks get even MORE dps !!!

And we… get… nothing?


RShamans might be in a “good spot” hps wise. But its not normal to attribute 50% of our throughput to 1 spell.

Its a tell tale sign that a rework is needed.


Battle royal in WoW, dream come true. Thanks for this work. Sad it is just an event. When is it release?

Well… now. Just log in, click on the icon at the top left of your character screen and you are good to go.

Well must have played 30 games, never managed to kill another player. And trying to get renown for the items takes way too long, still on level 2. it’s just another way to grind…so boring…so thanks for the rubbish blizzard.

Day 6, we still don’t care.

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It came out with the last patch. Should be on your character selection screen in Retail.

Could we please take a look at some other parts ?

Like the big aoe earth shock, that still stuns you even if your out of it.
Perhaps populate the map a little more. It feels overly dense with players in parts from the off.
Arcane orb is so large is near damn impossible to dodge in situations, while others are near damn impossible to hit people with.

Maybe better control over the parrot too ?

The zoom out. If I zoomed out once already, why do I have to every time I play.

Large name plates, why don’t they work in the arena, only in the lobby ?
Why do they also disable each time ?

I think my biggest gripe is player levels though

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