Dragonflight Pre-Expansion Update Notes—Now Live!

Correct, no longer need an addon to combine bags


when does the chromie time get scaled to level 60 ?

good question. i fear just on DF release

The 16th of November

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  • Implemented additional Gamepad support.

Any clarification on that? ^
Can you actually plug a gamepad now or wats what?

Oh god please no
Welp not playing WoW for a few more weeks then.
Feel a bit deflated but I have other games to play.

Wonderful, can we also have Monk available to all races too? (I think they’re 3 races short from that goal!).


You can do thorgast with new ui
… Maybe it fixed the stutters blizzard never fixed when power is avaiable to use !

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People paid to play evoker in pre-patch…

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New mount collection achievement: Thanks for the Carry! – Obtain 500 mounts (useable by a single character). Mount Reward: Otterworldly Ottuk Carrier

  • New pet collection achievements have been added:*
  •    Many More Mini Minions – Collect 1250 unique pets. Pet Reward: Crystalline Mini-Monster*
  •    Proven Pet Parent – Collect 1500 unique pets. Pet Reward: Secretive Frogduck*
  •    What Can I Say? They Love Me. – Collect 1750 unique pets. Pet Reward: Violet Violence*
  •    Good Things Come in Small Packages – Collect 2000 unique pets. Pet Reward: Mister Muskoxeles*

People are sitting on 600+ unique mounts, even 700+ if I’m not mistaken. I long for the day when mount achievements can be actively worked towards in the achievement tab rather than people automatically getting them whenever they get released. I for one miss tracking mount collection achievements.

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Jusy play fire mage, hardcast pyroblast on repeat and u will feel like ur playing one :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Will legendary items still be working after the patch? If not, in which of the 3 releases will they depreciated into stat sticks, or will they continue to work but only in Shadowlands content, or…?

only work in SL zones and content

it seems like solo shuffle is bugged and the rating doesnt count towards rewards

well done blizzard, in a single pre patch, you have officially put me off the game ENTIRELY that i have been playing non stop since 2008. the changes are a load of **** and you have basically nerfed every single class. abilities that WERE in the game yesterday are now gone, leaving certain casters the inability to heal whatsoever, and basically every other class feeling much less useful in general. the talent revamp is a load of ****, ive always hated the individual point based system where you could screw over your entire build with a misplaced point. ( very much prefer the system of a certain spec and unique abilities for that spec - basically what you have abandoned.) the UI customisation is way over the top, i could go on, but the game now plays like ****

dont get me started on the pisstake of shadow priests

Sure they said “covenants and legendaries not working outside Shadowlands” and right on cue we were in Mechagon M+ and we were unable to call the owls🦉 people not finding spells in the spell book, DPS was half of the usual for a 16, bosses took ages to die… it was an horrible experience.
On top of that we guild transferred and none of us could see each other in the guild and we all had our old name and server in chat pre transfer, which it was very weird to see :rofl::rofl:
Let’s say it wasn’t my best experience in the game.

tell me about it, how the h*** can they give us this subpar thing so close to the release of dragonflight, at least add the pre patch months before so theres PLENTY of time to iron out issues BEFORE launch and NOT 50% or 75% through the lifespan of dragonflight

How many talent points will we receive during leveling? (60-70)

1 per level

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