Dragonflight Pre-Expansion Update Notes—Now Live!

Dragonflight Pre-Expansion Update Notes—Now Live!

The Dragonflight Pre-Expansion update is live!

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When 100% free rdf in wotlk?

So, no white/grey transmogs?


Barbershop is free and only 1 Minute Rezz Sickness.


Bit sad the Lizards take another 3 week but it is what it is.


Dracthyr not playable until 15 November? Blizzard never fail to disappoint me


They answered this in the interview Never.

Didnt you learn from shadowlands? Takes em atleast a year to stop dying on a hi

The tradition of late announces never stops.

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Agreed, dreadful decision.

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When are we getting grey and white transmog? There’s been no mentions of this since the interview 6 months ago…


Depends on why theyre doing it. By staggering it, they prevent 99% of the playerbase making evoker alts and allow testing of the current classes i.e any bugs etc etc which carry across, to then dedicate the fixs evoker in second half.

Although for those intending to reroll to evoker it isnt going to feel great.

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That’s what PTR was for. Useless, honestly.


Cartoons when?

Because ptr is a seperate client.

Bugs and more can be caused when applying it to the actual games coding.

You cant iron every bug out prior hitting live, as going live runs risks of it breaking code.

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maybe a silly question but combining bags means i dont need to use an addon for them now right?

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Sadly the feature is still sub par compared to Bagnon and other addons.
The reagent bag is not combining with the regular bags and you’re not able to see what you have in your alts bags/bank.

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When they announced the end of the season it was basically announcement for the prepatch though.

Greater fade removed. Thanks. Wheelchair movement shadow priest spec became bound to bed ONLY.


Everyone was looking forward to play Evokers and the event on the 25th. Now we have 3 weeks of talent trees and looking at a new UI. Come on… Such a let down.


These are some decent long term improvement to the game. I’m glad the mentality chaged to building long lasting foundations. More is needed, but this is a good start.

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uff… you’ll have 2 years to play evoker. All FOMO ppl here?

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