Dragonflight Roadmap and questions about the xpack

Hello, I would like to ask Blizzard, what is the Roadmap for Dragonflight, what am I paying for exactly, how many patches will there be, what planned content is there in the future.
Some more questions:
-How many Dungeons do we expect Dragonflight will have until the end of the xpack?
-How many raids will Dragonflight have until the end of the xpack?
-Except for World quests, flying events/quests, professions and reputation, what other activities do we get to do in the world apart from raiding, are there treasure hunts or rare encounters as per the previous expansions and will there be any extra landmass like in previous expansions later down the line?
-Are the battlegrounds currently and previously for years been completely dominated by one faction(generally horde) going to see any changes that resolves the imbalance?
-Will you make more Battlegrounds and is world PVP in any way an active activity in Dragonflight or is it basically an afterthought?
-Professions were most interesting when the gear within the profession was directly corelated with Raiding like in TBC for example, will we see that return or will professions be more similar to what they’ve been up until this point?

And lastly, it seems Dragonflight is currently advertising substantially less content than Shadowlands at launch, why should I return to World of Warcraft apart from, there’s dragons or the superman 64 type dragon flying events you keep featuring. I feel like I have no idea what this expansion offers apart from 8 dungeons, 1 raid and superman 64 gameplay but with dragons while Shadowlands offered covenants, the maw, thorgast apart from the dungeons and the raid.

You don’t have to answer me here Blizzard, you can do so in an article as well. I feel like these questions aren’t really answered.

yeee im not sure i really am following here.

Covenants? the maw? Torghast? this wasnt Real content. Covenants, were just a timegated Campaign, that lasted a few weeks of the launch, The Maw was a completely empty zone with no real sustance to it, and Torghast was a Unfinished mess u only did a few times to get and upgrade ur legendaries.

these were very short term pieces of content realistically.

  • Proffessions added content reguarding work orders delievering Mythic Level rewards.
  • Open World Features introducing Events which collect currency to build gear from.
  • Dragonriding.
  • New Class+Race.

are by far larger pieces of content, with more replayability and Overall Reward Structure to work towards which will create Content which will actually last the Expansion duration.

already has been released, Proffessions will Create gear equal in ilevel to raids through the New mastery Proffessions tied to them which comes with DF.

no, but they have developed Solo Queue Rated Mode which has been a major demand by the playerbase.

Events which build currencies to buy gear through.

4 Seasons. so 3 - 4 raids.

8, Dungeons on Launch, also they’re redeveloping old dungeons into the M+ System.

the removal of borrowed power systems has been widely Screeched for years now, Sure. this will mean Less “Systems” to spam on a Daily bases. but the content assossiated with them were baron in themselves and generally quality didnt exist because forced participating existed.

DF is prolly the first expansion Since Legion worth buying in all honesty.

the last they stated on a Road map would be, their Statement that content cycles and Content launchs will be more common then they were in BFA and SL.


wow never had a roadmap,you pay for the expansion and sub and just pray the content will be any good.

thats how it has allways been.

I appreciate your reply. Wanted to mention, it’s not that I’m lauding the Covenants the Maw or Choreghast, for me apart from the covenants the rest were a bit closer to anticontent when I played them.

Sounds much better than Shadowlands if they get the professions right.

Personally I have grown accustomed to a Roadmap of Patches and to know what an expansion will have in terms of content from FF14.

Sounds like a lot of this stuff does hinge on returning players since I imagine the existing player base is low.

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