Dragonflight Season 3 Ends on 23 April

I stopped playing 2 months ago when I reached the IO I could reasonably reach.

Fated will give me at-least 2 more months of content with the new dungeons. And the cherry on top are the Dinars. I wont have to step foot on a raid again. Except to have fun with my guildies in HC.

And just with that, its worth it for me.

Sad to hear. I used to be into all this Mythic Raiding business. I got too old for that.

But its good to hear that some people still enjoy it. Even if its in the bench.

Season 4 is a dead and lazy season. They could have developed something new for season 4.
There is no reason why the past should be driving the future, with the money blizzard has they could produce whatever they wanted. Many will unsub for S4 because there is no content nothing new.

I don’t enjoy the bench. I don’t like spending time in Tindral Jail only to stay at 8/9 bosses. If I’m not getting CE then I might aswell not play on Tindral.

So yeah, I’ll storm out of my guild because I can’t trust blizzard to properly tune their tiers.

Yish… another one with 0 neurons…

The purpose of season 4 is to replace a 1 year hiatus with nothing to do until the next expansion. And WHY is there a 1 year hiatus you might ask? Because all that money you say Blizz has is being invested in the new expansion.

Always has been the same. With ALL expansions. Except for SL and this one. That provide fated.

Is it recycled content? YES. But what does is replace? NOTHING at all.

Take it or leave it. Im taking this with open arms. Better than sitting around doing nothing.

If it serves as consolation, the M+ scene is plagued with the same issue with the MDI. Its ridiculous why they take so long to balance tune things. Only because some “pros” need time.

I mean… look at the tuning they will do to the dungeons. That tuning was supposed to happen week 1 of S1 and S2. But we get them now… how… convenient…

Also… ZERO balance tuning. Like ZERO.

You have been condition to only think in one way,
You can’t think of any other possibility which is sad.

Any content can be created with planning, money and people, all of which are available to blizzard, but they have decided that the game is not worth that investment.
It’s has nothing to do with TWW. They have the option to invest more but don’t take it because people are closed minded and can’t see a better possibility so they put up with it and pay their subs like good little players.

Conditioned? What are you talking about?

Either I like what im playing and I pay. Or I get bored and don’t pay (which is the case for the past 2 months). What conditioning?

Well if it has nothing to do with the next expansion, then Blizz has been failing on that aspect for 20 years.

Failing because at the end of the expansions people unsubbed. ALWAYS. I did it many, many times. MoP I unsubed for almost a year while I waited for WoD.

And I refuse to believe that when they actually did put in the effort in beloved expansions (WotlK, Legion, ect…) the end-result is always the same : Long pre-expansion patches.

And its weird that on every… single… expansion… they have always said the same : Resources are invested in the next expansion. Even back in classic era when they were super transparent about it.

Im sorry… your conspiracy theories cant beat (A) 20 years in this game and (B) actual personal experience in project management.

You need to expect more, have a wider view, critical thinking, don’t expect the spoon fed excuses you have always swallowed.
It’s always been this way so it always will is a poor and defeatist argument.


Pure philosophy. Bla Bla with out meaning.

You have to be realistic and stop living in your seventh cloud.

You are an individual. Your opinion is totally irrelevant. You are one of millions playing this game. You unsub and stop playing for ever tomorrow and nobody will care. Not Blizz, not your guild. And anyone you know ingame will forget you in a couple of months.

Instead of dreaming of utopias that will never happen, do the only realistic thing you can do: Play or don’t Play. Simple as that.

I welcome you to the irrelevant and one in a million online community :slight_smile:

Oh you are totally correct there. I am also part of that club.

If I died tomorrow, maybe 50 people would mourn me. But 50 out of 7 (almost 8) billion.

Hardly a dent.

The cutt off Has to be somewhere.

There will be always a guild which just got to him and "was short on time "

Some people would enjoy the game much more if they accepted the celling of their skills which they are unlikely to ever break

Well then - its your fault for sticking to guild where you are not part of "core progression " team . Only a bench in case one of their usual raiders is not there.

It certainly Has it’s bonuses that you get carried a lot - but then there are times when you can miss out on things :slight_smile:

That’s why m+ is so superior to raiding . Especialy since they nerfed the difficulty this season.

Mythic raiding shoudl have been removed from gamę years ago - its relic of past at this point.

The amount of guilds that got ce in both S1 and S2 is around 1600 and that number is currently sitting at 800.

Are you mansplaining half of these guilds ?! They didn’t became bad over night. Blizzard however became bad at tunning in a childish arms race against echo, at the expense of players.

Wrong I’ve been part of progression, I did every single Tindral pull. Now that I won’t be getting CE then I wish I didn’t progressed Tindral at all

You are mistaking 2 things.

Being there during progression with being part of core of raid team.

You are like one of those workers WHO belives they are irreplacable while in reality you are first on cutt of list in case of problems.

Ask yourself why they didnt bench any other of 12-13 dps only you ?

And then you will have your answer.

Not removed. Evolved.

Its the same exact system since 2004. Not much has changed since Molten Core. A bit outdated IMO.

M+ on the other hand… dungeons existed in 2004. But not M+. And M+ is still evolving to this day. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worst. But it has absolutely nothing to do with the old Scholomance or Stratholme from 2004.

Many will disagree, but I think the concept of raiding has to change. And the #1 first thing blizz should do is divorce the raid from RTWF. Give them a separate realm or something.

And with that, they should also tune down some of the Addon’s functionalities. Not with hidden auras or something. But literally tracking if addons read auras or not. If you read that aura/buff, then you get banned. Like boting. To end the arms race with addons once and for all. Because boss mechanics are getting ridiculous at this point.

From there I already made some suggestions in other posts. But raiders simply don’t like them. So il keep that open to debate since I dont raid myself.

So are you.

We do have a distinction between core raider and back ups, like… Every single guild.

Which is why I’m leaving.

Ok, so raid require 20 players. But guild need backups to make up for someone missing a night. So guilds needs to maintain a 24 players roster.

Some silly people want 40 players raids back. I know this sounds judgmental, but that kind of change would actually kill raiding once and for all. Guilds are struggling to keep together 25ish players rosters so there is no way they’re going to gather 45.

And I 100% support this. I don’t care about RWF lasting for 1 week rather than 2. It’s like both blizzard and echo are in an arms race, but only regular players are dealing with the issues.

As a developer, I’d say it’s acceptable to concede. Instead of wasting precious time in trying to slow down echo, they should just focus on innovation, they’ve shown that even in recent times. They have to acknowledge that’s a war they can’t win.

I usually agree with you, but on this subject I have a different opinion.

WoW is a live service game with monthly fees. I feel that essentially putting it into maintenance mode for a third of every expansion is a dated concept that isn’t compatible with the expectations of contemporary gamers, and there is no factual reason why it has to be like this and can’t be better.

They have an internal schedule for expansion releases, so they know beforehand how long an expansion will run. It is reasonable to expect them to plan and produce content for the entire length of an expansion. This isn’t a small indie studio or a one-time-payment game that only makes money when new DLC is released. It’s a game where we pay 50-90 euros every two years, 13 euros every month, and heaven knows how much for cosmetics and services.

Yes, Fated Seasons are better than the complete content droughts we saw in the past, but getting zero new content for a year was never all right and hurt the game, so it isn’t the standard that everything should be compared to. It was never reasonable for a live service game with monthly fees.

I don’t feel that “better than nothing” is a good consumer attitude and not what we should settle for. Blizzard can do better, they do have the resources.

Is this shorter season a sign of things to come under Metzen?

Blizzard has said before they wanted a shorter, more regular life cycle for content, so this might be the way going forward.

On the positive side, it means I will simply play for curve and then take a break, mythic is nice, but we are mostly a heroic team that steps into mythic toward the end of the tier.

Of course they can. And of course they have the resources.

But if I was a company, I would invest ALL that in the new expansion.

Just tell me : How much dev time would it take to make a new raid for S4? Any value will do because as a company I would not invest that in “old” content. I would invest that in making 2 raids for WW instead of 1.

Or how much money would it take to make new dungeons for S4? I would invest that in WW to launch it with 12 new dungeons instead of 8.

It just makes more sense as a company to do it that way. Because its what consumers show :

We dont know the actual subs are. But we DO know that there are more subs in S1 of an expansion, than in S2. Because of “hype” and “new stuff”… ect…

And by the time you get to the last season of an expansion, there is a fraction of what there was at launch. In other words… the ammount of return on investment per new raid decreases throught the expansions life. Up to a point where it is not profitable anymore to make a new raid. It becomes more profitable to do a new expansion.

So it makes TOTAL sense to invest as much as possible in that S1 of an expansion, to get as many subs as possible when sub numbers are low at the end of an expansion.

Its the consumer that creates this situation and jumps to the hype bandwagon every time there is a new release. Not Blizz.

And that is why I have the “better than nothing” attitude. Cause they are benefiting us by diverting some of those resources to do a S4. They haven’t done it for decades… But they do it now in the hopes that there will be some player retention.

And some retention they will have. Because people that were gonna unsub until WW will do it anyways. But some… will stay for S4. So its a good return on investment.

Dont forget. Blizzard is a corporation. Not a charity. All decisions they make has to have a return on investment.

Seems rather a lot of guilds