Dragonflight Season 4 Content Update Notes

Dragonflight Season 4 Content Update Notes

Dragonflight Season 4 arrives to World of Warcraft on 24 April!

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am i able to acces an awakened raid as normal season 3 dificulty after week 7 or i’m stuck with season 4 dificulty

also, why gatekeep so much with 1 bulion per week when all the items are 2 from vendor.

are crests capped or no?

regarding mop remix : add aotc mount and challenge mode original rewards, the only so called " prestige" is that people that have it happen to play at that certain moment, no excuse to not add for the new folks that play now


You somehow decided to nerf healers? Rather than buff those which you want them to align with? You do realise that people across the board dislike healing to the point they respec now, BEFORE you do this?
I beg you to reconsider… Stop nerfing and start buffing to align those weaker classes. Stop punishing fun gameplay.

How have I played WoW for over 2 years before realizing it has seasons

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its okay you play ret :joy:

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  • At the beginning of Season 4, all Keystones will be reset to level 2, regardless of levels. This is done due to our difficulty refactoring of Mythic and Mythic+.

Clearly don’t need to worry about running a key before S4 :dracthyr_hehe_animated:

So after months of getting no meaningful balancing changes for classes in general and M+ in particular, this new season also starts with no class tuning other than healer nerfs.

I am actually almost speechless. I really didn’t expect this little effort when the season will last until the next expansion. It’s disappointing. I really wish we’d see some changes in the design team. New people with passion, vision, and actual excitement for the game. These patch logs and how retail WoW has been treated for some time now signals apathy and lack of interest to me.


I agree so much with you here Life…

So disappointing by their side to do something like this.


What about the sparks? Didn’t anyone talk about anything? What about tier upgrades? blizzard can you talk about that?

leasson learned … nah … it’s blizzard what do you expect…

i hope that you have the option of choosing if you want to go to awakened difficulty or season 3 mythic difficulty amirdrasil, because i wanna farm the fyrak mount being still 100% drop rate.

god i am pissed off by the decisions and changes as of late…

Can we turn off AWAKENED and just to the raid as mythic? We want to avoid having to refarm gear and are not interested as a guild with awakened. Can we just to the mythic raid as now and farm mounts for our guildies???

Dude, they are not nerfing healers so that they are balanced against each other xD.

They are nerfing them because healing is TOO powerful, which in turn forces them to make damage intake too spiky in order to challenge healers.

Not that it will change anything, because with the extra ilvl healing is gonna get out of control again (remember previous seasons they “nerfed” healing by 25%?).

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And so what if you only raid with LFR? You don’t get to participate in any of this?

With this, players will only have four weeks in which each of the Dragonflight raids won’t be Awakened. That is unless the Awakened system is different from the Fated system in Shadowlands. Back in Shadowlands, once all raids became Fated, it didn’t give players the ability to turn it off. It is possible that Dragonflight’s Awakened system will be different, but it is unsure at this point.

Please no, i’m 4 fricking 46 kills deep on Sark for the skin this will make the farming horrible.

Season 4 finally. I can try the all the raids as they remain all relevant.

No bullions from m+ :frowning:
Have to join raids to get access to them / upgrade my legendary… sad times

I just realized the rewards section doesn’t list portals. I hope they just forgot to add them to the list.

Copy paste corruption effects from BFA and made them random drops from all sorts of content. It should not take much work. Season four should be broken chaos and mayhem.

Guess u can faceroll it in lfr.

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There are a million things they can do to address that. Nerfing healing by a flat % is not the way. Its just the same “ping-pong” we have been subjected to since vanilla. With the same exact results.