Dragonflight shadow priest builds

This one for pvp and world content, for pve i would pick more shadowfiend talents but seriously , if you can play without void form, definitely NEVER using it.

share yours.

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This is for pure ST damage

Mindgames and Shadowflame can be swapped depending on which is best


The bottom 3 rows can be scrapped for VF and the buffs to it, for the more meta playstyle

Pure dot and pet damage without movability

Pure movebility and dott damage.

same build but with searing nightmare.

how i think i will go tho

Without dispersion mind blast aoe.

What i like, that you will be able have many talent builds and switch depending which you like to play on content you are doing.

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just remove dominate mind and you can shadowflame too

I’m eager to see how far you can take a Mind Flay build with Monomania, and Abyssal Knowledge with Ancient Madness, along with Idol of C’Thun and Living Shadow, for lots of spam crits. Whether the damage will match up to a Shadowflame Prism and Idol of Y’Shaarj infused Mind Blast/Mindfiend build. Also if *Idol of Yogg-Saron’s “Thing From Beyond” actually amounts to anything.

Currently thinking of trying out a Mind Flay focused build first: https://www.wowhead.com/dragonflight-talent-calc/AABqQAEQGYGRVASAgoKBQBAABmOURURVFVBIRCCwRCRA

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