Dragonflight talent tree tweaks to boost Warrior representation

There is a lot needed to be fixed with Warrior talents. I also understand Blizzard probably doesn’t want redesign classes right now but the following suggestion requires minimal work.

I also realise this is the EU forum but if someone could pass this along to someone who cares it would be cool.

1 - Remove Berserker Rage as talent. (grant it baseline perhaps)

2 - Split the ‘Berserker Shout|Piercing Howl’ choice node into two standard nodes.

3 - Re-order the talents as seen in this quick mockup.

4 - The Berserker Rage icon in the mockup is Berserker Shout. The Piercing Howl icon is just a standard circular node.

5 - Redesign the current Berserker Shout using existing code.

Have Berserker Shout cast Berserker Rage (fear immunity) on the Warrior like it always has (replaces baseline Berserker Rage). Remove the additional effect of ‘clearing fear on party members’ and replace it with with the Crit Banner effect you removed in beta. i.e. grant all party members 10% crit and 10% crit damage. A cooldown of 2mins or less and does not trigger the GCD.

Other Notes
You could also look into returning group Shield Wall to Protection. All the other tanks have way too much utility in comparison. The imbalance needs to be addressed.

Or, you could consider moving Demoralizing Shout into the Warrior class tree and making it affect the damage mobs do against everyone. This would help all the specs out. 15%DR/1m30s CD/8s duration.

Replace the Demo Shout node in Protection with ‘Improved Demo Shout’ (reduces CD by 50% (to 45s) and increase effectiveness by a further 10% (so 25%)

Buff Avatar. Restore it’s old increased rage generation bonus. It’s a weak ability when compared with Avenging Wrath/Sentinel on Paladin.

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This needs to be done, it’s ridiculous that Warrior effectively loses Berserker Rage due to the talent tree design.

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Or… make 4th set actually useful and make it proc without internal cooldown… aka at least 1 kind of aoe scale with crit.

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