Dragonflight Talent Tree

Hi all, just looked at the Monk talent trees, and have a mixed feeling about the choices Blizzard have made.

First off, I am a WW main since MoP so I have been experiencing the high’s and low’s of this class/spec. And from being miserable in BfA, to being very happy in Legion (partly SL if you look at M+) the talent tree for WW worries me a bit. From what I can understand, Bonedust Brew is not liked at all for most players (myself included). It litterally takes away from what the spec is meant to do. Weave abilities to not repeat and increase damage through the mastery. So yeah, it’s nice to top the meters in M+, but the playstyle is not fun, imo.

Secondly, the addition of Faeline Stomp is very odd. Add a ability that got zero play in SL, and it seems like they are making it the single target option on that side of the tree. So from what I can tell, in M+, there will be zero gameplay changes for WW, and if I had to guess, you will still pick Bonedust Brew over Faeline stomp, so that would mean that the gameplay is still, pretty much, the same in raids etc.

I really like that Strike of The Windlord is back, but from what I can see in the tree, the value is far greater on the other side of the tree, and in my opinion, it should be way more clear cut that one side is for AoE and the other for ST.

If I am going to be honest, it baffles me that they have chosen to add a spell, that littrally contradicts the way they designed the spec, and a ability that was deemed not good enough to choose in any scenario, over the first mentioned ability.

I really do hope they change the entire last two rows of the WW tree, or redesign the spec philosophy to match their seeming intenion with the spec.

But, alas, I really doubt Blizzard makes any changes to the trees, as they probably would rather spend more time on more popular classes.

Not all bad, SOTWL is back, so that’s nice :slight_smile:

Just talking about WW here:

Spec tree
too many abilities that increase dmg. It makes bursting incredible complex and impossible to pull of.
Also lots of random procs or stacking mechanics.

i mean why need to stack 4 times so blackout kick does dmg or something

it also seems one side is focused on being a beyblade while the other side is more focused of FF and RSK

the game play of stacking everything watch your stacks and do 5000% increased dmg and then do 5% dmg for the next minute is so terrible

class tree
bottom 3rd part looks absolutely terrible.


I actually really like the inclusion of Hit Scheme. It may get tedious over long stretches of time, but it was a genuine joy in Torghast. Then again, the damage increase in Torghast was 100% for the full four stacks, so that might have something to do with it, but I’ll happily at least try it before giving it a pass.

We need to have “Jade Wind” talent on general talent tree.
and merge “rushing jade wind” and “refreshing jade wind” to one talent
To have and damage and healing in one talent and cost only energy.

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I might be late to the party. But at least it seems they have removed the decreased cost of spinning crane kick when bone dust brew is up.

Also the passive application… so it seems it will just be a small burst window with a chance to do crazy dmg every minute.

So not quite like SL.

That being said I’m very happy to see the return of proced Xuen from the BFA azerite trait. It promotes the weaving of abilities. What worries me if itll work with whirling dragon punch this expansion… i doubt, it never got fixed before.

The legion ability return is very welcome as well… overall I’m quite happy with the talents. I do think with watering down bone dust brew it feels pointless… a 1min cd with a chance to do dmg? That far down the tree? Booooooring.

I assume the playstyle will then be fish for Chi-ji proc, and high chance for Xuen spawn, and the pop everything with bonedust brew… not the worst… but with no passive application and all that, why not just half the dmg it does but make it 100% of the time…

Okay, that is actually a nice change from the SL version of BDB, WW monk have always been the most fun, when you are weaving abilities together for good dmg. Also, it seems like the may revert Touch of Death to BfA version, which is a very good change, imo. Being able to open up, use all your cds, and the a nice pop of dmg is very satisfying. But will have to get my hands on it to see what it feels like.

Agree… I’ve loved playing WW in legion and BfA … SL is a bit mixed… not a big fan of the current BDB… it does the dmg… just feels a bit meh…

Nvm all the bugs that always haunt the WW…

And good point with the ToD… i guess we might end up with a playstyle where we BDB → ToD → ultra burst… and then downtime until BDB is up again, at least for M+… i could see that being very potent and fun…

is the DF Tree for monk looking that bad from a More experienced players eyes?

i’ve never rly input time into monk, not been one i’ve considered much (i think the punching animations and things look abit wonky on alot of races so always was a Off put)

however, from a outside point of view, Monk looked like it got pretty well done up with DFs new talent trees, far enough for me consider swapping. ( I like being a mobile agi specc, but being stuck as a Elf is Annoying and gets boring)

would people say, these trees are actually not great?

the only negative i could see was BDB remaining, which i know hasnt recieved good feedback, hopefully given it seems blizzard seem to actually be acting on what we’re saying.

hopefully soon we will see its removal, i felt like monk, was one of the few talent trees i’ve seen where id almost want everything… and regardless where the build goes, it seems like theres alot of things i’d enjoy.

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