Dragonflight: The 10.0.7 Content Update is Now Live!

Dragonflight: The 10.0.7 Content Update is Now Live!

Prepare to journey back to the Forbidden Reach for new adventures, collect two new Heritage Armor sets for the orcs and humans, embrace a new journey as a new goblin, Lightforged draenei, or worgen Monk, and more.

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Would have rather all this minor “content” be pushed to 10.1 and the major patch and new season be brought forward. The game is haemorrhaging players (again).


Nerf assa rog for godsake

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It’d rather have some proper class changes (Mage where???) instead off some temporary content…

Encore une fois un up pr le drood tank au détriment d un autre…du coup au lieu de mutiler pour up le dps vas falloir spam fer poile…le drood est trop bouder alors que ça fonctionne très bien… Mais ça nous bloque pour les 20+ faite quelque chose…baisser encor le cd d.incarnation…et coller carrément 50% de up sur le fer poile… parque la avec le up du War C’est l extinction massive merci

That’s not how it works.
Pushing this content further down the line, doesn’t increase the speed at which they develop/create the 10.1 content. At all.

You’d still be waiting the same amount of time, only this time WITHOUT the smaller patch content.


It is not a content. I’ll continue with my PVP prorgess. Nothing happened, nothing to discuss.

Of course it’s content. You may not want to play it, but it’s definitely content. Quests and areas and armour sets etc are all content.

I don’t know why Blizzard would use the word soon though. We all know perfectly well that it’s Blizzard. It can’t be soon, only soon™

It’s not PVP or PVE, just couple of collectibles and achievements added.
Question: do you care if you have 27000 or 29000 achievements points? Or 1009 or 1578 pets? Is that a motivation for you to continue progress through? For me, a 27k achieve player, it’s not, I don’t care anymore, I want maybe new arena or rated PVP balance, not a pets and tmog.

It’s my personal, no need to agree, guys. I just a bit tired of clicking Skip button of “NEW Features” windows.

You’re entitled to your own opinion but to collectors and people who enjoy getting more achievement points and pets it does matter and they do care.

Wrong. It’s clearly PvE. That’s how simple it is.

Whether you want to play it or not doesn’t factor into the discussion about whether or not it’s content. At best it factors into the discussion about whether or not you care to play it - and it’s fine that’s you don’t.

Blizzard is on the right path. Small changes often, and real changes. It is a role playing Game after all. It is good to have small updates, upgrades to content, there is already so much to do ingame, and leveling an Alt or three never hurt anyone.

Personally I am looking forward to some new quests for my main, and on the side, I will level another Alt for fun.

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Ah yes the soon ™ so i guess this patch will come in 2024 :smiley:

imagine posting a content update that has no release date besides soon TM
I mean like, seriously? what is the point. Either it is ready and you know when to deploy it or it is not ready and you just don’t post this?

I am looking forward to the patch, mainly for resto shaman changes but why not just say a date? at this point it is looking to be 2-3 weeks anyways…

This is great! Excited for new content, but please bliz can you now just remove the rep requirement for the main storyline?

Mmmm… Worgen Monk… Imagine a Kung fu Werewolf! Might roll one just because!

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This is a great case for trying the Chinese internet!

Well… that’s weird.

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Hopefully sooner than later, I need my orc lore fix.

Well good to see we have a release date now.

Honestly looking forward to it, DF has been decent so far, and we’ll soon see how this ring works, so we’ll see if they’ve kept their promise on temporary power