Dragonflight: The Tempest Unleashed Pre-Expansion Event Shakes Up Azeroth

Dragonflight: The Tempest Unleashed Pre-Expansion Event Shakes Up Azeroth

As a new age of adventure approaches, Primalists compel the very elements to strike all over Azeroth. Quell their rage and venture once more into Uldaman to recover Tyr's lost memories.

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Been hyped all months, cant wait to make a scrawny Lizard. :dragon_face:

Hold on. So you can loot 4 different elemental lords weekly, and they drop 20 or 30 Essence.

How on earth am I supposed to get idk 500 essence in 2 weeks?

you see that’s the great thing about it you won’t another fail pre-patch event from the genius’s that gave you wod, bfa, sl … aren’t you happy

only good thing on this event is the plate transmog sadly

No, it’s not weekly, where did you read that? Pretty sure it’s ad nauseum.

What level do you need to be to participate in the event?

The Devs said it in the video.

Something doesn’t add up then :face_with_monocle:

Wow, you’re all so salty. :melting_face:

Nah. You kan loot them multiple times. I just got 250 essences in less than an hour from bosses, trash and quests.


So, is The Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr supposed to be a solo content or is this a 5 man instance? Can’t find this from dungeon finder

Sounds nice for a couple of hours. Not much meat to it for someone like me.

Like I said yesterday: All players deserve to have something to do next. This gives nothing to high end players whatsoever.

Drac’thyr in arena won’t even be a thing most likely - by the time they’re finished farming enough honour to compete the expansion is out.

its a 5 man dungeon. with my shammy i didnt find it. but with this toon yes. maybe is a matter of ilvl or a bug…


5 man dungeon, open dungeon finder, specific dungeon, and it should be on top :wink:

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Can someone explain to me the primal storms? Do you just farm mobs until the boss appears and then kill it for currency? Also each zone has multiple areas, are the other ones just places you can solo farm?

Correct. One thing to say, the mightier the mob the higher the currency output.

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