Dragonflight tree

So far as an enhance main i can say im loving the look and direction of enhance blizz seems to be doing a great job. Only thing i would of loved was instead of primordial wave to have fae transfusion we seem to have a lot of aoe and it would help with single target.

They could also change the haste part off of primodial wave to increase haste per tick of transfution buy x% per tick as well as dog cooldown . But wishful thinking :slight_smile:
Any one else have ideas

new update of the tree is just god awful.

I like deeply rooted elements because ascendance is just such a terrible spell on 3 min cd on a GCD, but aside from that every other change is just terrible.

Primal primer was better than lava actuators because you don’t need stupid flame shock spreading (LA works fine as long as enemies are in close proximity but outside of that it is just crap)

Doom winds active part is just a joke… 65% AP ratio? might as well name it fart winds of gambling. Press button, not getting a single wind fury proc - sounds about right for a 1min CD ability. Not that it does any dmg without full stacked FFW anyways lol

2 Point hot hand kills the chance for any fun builds now that includes all elements

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